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18th Niagara Wolf Cubs

Fall Kit List




        Cub book

        A friend to sleep with, if required

        Each member of the pack should travel in full uniform. This includes Necker, woggle, shirt, and badge scarf.

        Two tee shirts

        Two sweat shirts (not including a sweatshirt brought for sleeping in)

        Sweat pants (a spare pair might prove a blessing)

        One pair jeans.

        three pair of clean under shorts,

        four pair of warm socks

        comfortable fitting shoes should be worn, an extra pair of shoes can be brought along, "just in case"

        one pair of water proof or rubber boots

        Sleep wear, pj's or a tracksuit is a must A hooded sweatshirt is handy for sleeping in.

        lightweight raincoat or poncho

        Face cloth and towel as well as personal toiletry items.

        sleeping bag,

        ground sheet (no plastic garbage bags please)

        Foam pad or bubble pad. (If you send an air mattress be sure you come along to blow it up)

        One heavy blanket to put under the sleeping bag

        One light blanket for over the sleeping bag, (in case of a lightweight or summer weight bag)

        an operating flashlight with fresh batteries

        baseball cap

        a woolen toque (to wear while sleeping unless you have a hooded sweatshirt)


        Any candy, gum, or snack food of any sort

        any electronic games, radios, tape or CD players

        any cards, books, magazines or games of any sort


OPTIONALS: These items may be brought to camp provided your Wolf Cub has written permission to have them in his possession.

        camera or video recorder


        sketch pad and artists pencils


MEDICATIONS: Place any medication, prescription, and non-prescription both, along with written instructions as to how much, how often and when, into a zip lock or sealable sandwich bag. The instructions should be readable from the outside of the bag, as well as the name of the owner. Give all medications to the Scouter in charge upon arrival at camp.