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What's Happening


I'm getting a little quicker at this. After only a month here is the new update. We did really well at Kub Kars this year. We had three Cubs place in the top ten and seven place in the top twenty. Great work everybody! March was a very busy month for us. Our big pancake dinner fundraiser on the 7th went great. We had an excellent turn out and fun and a full stomach was had by all. We teamed up with the third Niagara Pack for a truly excellent (and rain free)spring camp in Guelph at Camp Barber, highlighted by our visit to the University of Guelph "College Royal" open house. We all had an opportunity to see the livestock and a special chemistry magic show, make homemade "Silly Putty" and look through a telescope and earn the Astronomers Badge.

We've finally finished our work on the Black Star and are well on our way to finishing the Red Star and the Cycling Badge. Our third year got a taste of Scouts by attending the Grassy Brook Spring Breakout Competition camp and tryout the events

Our year will end on May 29. We will wrap up with our year end potluck banquet. But before we put away our uniforms, we have a full couple of weeks ahead of us. We will be having a bike hike, doing tree planting and attending the joint Niagara and St. Catherines District summer camp. With an Olympic theme and nearly 500 Cubs it will be a fantastic event.

Listed below is our upcoming events. Sorry I haven't cleared off the older stuff, I just like people to see what we've done this year.

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