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Kub Kars

Kub Kar racing is a 30 year old tradition in the Scouting movement. It allows Cubs the chance to design a vehicle starting from a block of wood, carve or cut it into a desirable shape and then race it against other Cubs. Cubs learn how to use woodworking tools and important aspects of wood shop safety while under the supervision of leaders and adults. The work can qualify for badge requirements for the Tawny Star,the Carpenter Badge and the Handicraft Badge

The Cubs take pride in their efforts, and look forward with enthusiasm as they pit their car against others in their pack or visiting packs. The following describes important aspects and standards in the design of a Kub Kar.

General Rules

All cars must start by gravity from a stand still, at the starting point. No pushing is allowed. To finish the car whose nose is the first to cross the finish line is the winner. The race official(s) will decide the winner, and if the result is too close to call, a second race can be run. If any car leaves the track the race can be restarted. If the same cart leaves again, the car is eliminated.


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Overall width including wheels is not to exceed 7 centimeters or 2-3/4 inches. The minimum distance between the wheels is 4.5 cm or 1-3/4 inches.


Overall weight is not to exceed 142 grams or 5 ounces


Clearance between the chassis and the track should be .95 centimeters or 3/8th of an inch.


Wheel Bearings, washers and bushings are prohibited. The car shall not ride on springs.

Details and attachments may be added providing they are securely fastened and do not exceed the maximum length, width and weight specifications. The car must be free-wheeling and may only be propelled by the force of gravity. Kub Kars are subject to inspection by an official inspection committee to determine eligibility.


1. The Cubs and adult should make the car together as a project! It is not the intent that the parent show the Cub the garage door then walk away; nor is it the intent that the boy play video games while the adult cuts and sands. Parents should shape with the power tools and then direct the rest of the action while showing the boy each step in building a car.

2. Have fun! After all, this is what it is all about.

3.Know the rules. Being disqualified can be very embarrassing.

4.Safety first. Lets not lose any fingers.

Mark your chosen design on the top and the sides of the block. Carefully carve or cut to the desired shape. Sand smooth. Paint, stain and/or finish as desired, preferably with water based treatments. Insert axle through the wheel and force into slots provided. The wheels shouldspin freely. Racers may wish to lubricate axles and wheels usin g (dry) powdered graphite


To build a fast car, there are several important details to consider:

1- First and foremost, is the wheel alignment, which is necessary to obtain a straight smooth run, thereby reducing wheel friction on the guide track rails.

2- Next in importance is reducing wheel and axle friction. This is accomplished by applying a dry lube to the areas along the axle and wheel bearing points. Also you may want to remove any burrs that might occur on the axle or wheel itself.

3- One can carve out the inside of the Kub Kar and insert metal washers or bolts to bring the weight of the car to its maximum. Some feel that if one places the car weight to the end of the car, the stored potential energy in the race will make a faster car.

It is important not to go over the maximum weight of 142 grams.

4- Lubrication is the key in many designs. Powdered Graphite is one type although there are many other liquid lubricants that may gain an advantage.

It is strongly recommended that one refrain from using weights which contain toxic levels of lead.

Details are important. Take into consideration the following: 1) Wheel alignment, 2) Axle and wheel lubrication, 3) Weight distribution, 4) Car design, 5) A high gloss finish.


1 Block of wood 17.8 cm (7 inches) long, 4.5 cm (1-3/4 inches) wide, 3.2 cm (1-1/4 inches high

5 Black plastic wheels 3.2 cm (1-1/4 inches) in diameter

5 Steel pin axles

1 Decal sheet

1 Kub Kar designer ribbon

1 Kub Kar Kit instruction sheet

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