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An Easy Way To Make Your Own Wand


Stick from a tree*: This should be approx. 8"-12" long, or whatever feels most comfortable to you. (I get mine off of the ground, there isn't any need to harm the tree if you don't have to.)
Glue: Tacky, Super, or Epoxy (Read bottle for best application.)
Decorations: such as crystal points, stones, ribbon, paint to draw runes or symbols.

This is your wand, so decorate it however you feel fit.
This is how I decorated mine:
I found a stick in the woods that I felt comfortable with, (believe me, I went through a lot of them before I found one I liked.)
I sawed off each end, then I drilled a hole into the tip of it and attached a crystal point to it using epoxy glue.
Then I wrapped the body of the stick in thin leather and stitched it together using fake sinew.
I painted small symbols and runes on it, and attached a crystal sphere to the end of it.
I think it really looks nice :-)

*Wood you can choose from for your wand:
Balsa: Psychic awareness
Cedar: Healing, purification, protection
Cherry: Love
Ebony: Protection, magickal energy
Elder: Spirituality, protection
Eucalyptus: Healing
Maple: Love, money
Oak: Strength, health
Pine: Money, healing, exorcism
Walnut: Health
Willow: Psychic awareness, blessings of the Moon