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Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Tigger. No, I do not work for Disney! I am so tired of people asking me for Winnie the Pooh's autograph. I wish I made that kind of money though, because then I could buy all the treats and catnip I wanted. My daddy found me when I was just a baby. There I was just sitting in a cage all alone when he found me. All of my brothers and sisters had already been adopted. The second we met each other, we knew our destinies were complete. He brought me home, and this is where I've been ever since. Thank the Goddess for adoption!

Sometimes I like to pose for my mommy when she takes my picture.In this picture, she caught me laying on her flowers that she was going to put in a vase. At first she was upset because she thought I was smashing them, but as you can see, I parted them nicely. It was like laying in a garden. I just turned on my charm and within seconds she laughed and ran to get her camera. I've got charisma wouldn't you say?

I swear I saw it move!

My mommy says I have to tell you to go see my little sister's page now. Everyone says she adorable, but I personally don't see it. (Don't tell my mommy I said that.)

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