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Study Spell

Take into your possession a stone of small size that will suit you well and set it to the right of a yellow candle. Light the yellow candle and obtain a writing utensil and write this chant out as you read it aloud: (Hail Isis, Come forth to fill my mind with wisdom bright To keep my mind alert and clear, with nothing to fear With this wisdom I ask, may my senses be keen May my studies stay with and enlighten me for years to pass I make this the word That goes forth and comes into being) Fold the paper into a small clump and set it aflame in the light of the yellow candle. (Use something with long edges and hold the paper until it turns into ashes.) Gather the ashes and open a window. Take this ball of ash you now carry and let them fly in the air and say "Hail Isis!" Let the candle burn and charge the stone while you study. Keep the stone with you when you need to give papers, take exams or study. Douse out the candle just before sleep.

Submitted by: ~*Myst*~

Comments from Myst on his Spell:

I do not commonly give out spells, but I wrote this one night for a friend that was scarred to death of her next day mid terms. I haven't spoken much about it to her recently, but apparently she flew through the tests, and she's positive she passed. As for any little "extras" you may want to add, I suggest the smoldering of Thyme or Rose accompanied with this ritual because of their promotion of psychic power. I believe in this particular spell, pyschic power is the basis of the magic that can occur. I also suggest burning/lighting the candle and incense (incense being Rose/Thyme) with wooden matches, but if not possible to obtain, it's no problem.