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Another Way To Break a Spell

Take a piece of string-natural fibers only! (about 13 inches) and tie a knot in approx the center of the string. While you tie the knot, visualize the spell you wish to remove or halt. Pour every ounce of sincerity you can manage into this knot. If you can, tie the knot 3 times in the same or about the same place as the first knot. Now, light a candle in a fire proof container, of either white, blue, or black (my personal choice) and pass the knots INTO the flame (Be Careful!) until they light and burn away. Do this in a place that will not catch fire as the string breaks and some of the lighted string may be carried by the wind. This will also fowl the spell! Be Very Careful! Bury what is left of the string in a secluded place. You can reuse the candle as you see fit. Do NOT use the piece of string again!