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Sky Divination

Star Gazing

1) Go outside at night when the sky is clear. Ask a question. If the stars seem to glow brighter, or if a shooting star races across the sky, the answer is yes. If nothing seems to occur after fifteen minutes, or if clouds blot out the stars, the response in no.

2) Before going to bed, walk outside, look up at the sky and say the following: "Stars, stars, show me the future." It will appear in a dream that night.

3) Wishing on a star is a popular practice. Outside, look at at one particular star for several minutes. State your hoped-for future. Close your eyes for three seconds. If, upon opening your eyes, they immediately fix on the same star, your future is as you wished. If you can't find it at once, your future will be different.

The Moon

On the new moon (that is, when the moon first appears in the sky as a thin crescent), go outside and point a dull-bladed knife (preferably silver) at the moon. Say the following words:

New moon, true morrow, be true now to me
that I ere the morrow my true love may see.

Place the knife beneath your pillow. Speak to no one as you prepare for bed. Remember your dreams.


Go outside on a night that will probably bring a storm. Stand facing in any direction and wait for the first flash. If it appears to the left, it's a sign of trouble and heartaches. If, however, it appears on the right, this portends a happy, prosperous future. If it's directly overhead, a mixture of both. (This is also a sign that it might be best to take cover.) If you've asked a specific question it's answered in the same manner: to the left, no; to the right, yes. If it appears directly overhead, no answer can be given at this time.