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Paper Divination

Write questions on five small pieces of paper. Roll them up into tight cylinders. Place these in a metal strainer and hold it in the steam rising from a pot of water on the stove (or fire). The first of these to unroll has been affirmatively answered; the other questions, no.

Here is an easier method. Cut two squares of the same size from the same piece of white paper. Using a black marking pen or ink, color one piece of paper black. Go to an upstairs window and, asking your question, throw the squares at the same time out of the window. Carefully observe which square first lands on the ground to determine the answer. If it's black, the answer is yes; if white, no. (Retrieve the slips of paper and dispose of them properly.)

Alternately, you can cut a five-pointed star from a piece of paper. On each leg, write one of the following: yes, no, maybe, probably. Leave the fifth leg blank. Write lightly with a pencil, not a pen; you shouldn't be able to read the answers when the paper is turned blank side down.

Ask your question. Place the star under your pillow face down. Each evening for four nights, fold over one leg of the star without turning it over to see which answer has been eliminated. On the fifth night look to see which corner hasn't been folded. This will answer your question.