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Self-Dedication Ritual

Preparation Bath:


1. (3 Tsp.)Salt (sea salt is best)

2. Essential Oil (your choice)

3. Music and player of some sort (optional)

4. Candles (any color)

5. Incense and burner (of your choice).

Take a bath in warm water for about 30 minutes to 1 hour or until you feel completely relaxed and refreshed. Add salt and about 1-2 teaspoons of essential oil to the bath water before bathing. This is a relaxing bath so, actually wash before you do this do not take this bath then wash everything off with soap (and the act of washing will riv you up again). Burn the incense while bathing in a heat proof burner away from the bath and flammable materials in the bathing area (bathroom).

Dress in appropriate ritual clothing after the bath or, remain sky-clad if you wish.

Cleanse the ritual area and then cast your Circle- you are ready to begin.

In The Room or Ritual Area:


1. Incense of your choice and a heat proof burner.

2.(4) large candles for the Four Quarters- any color.

3. (7) small candles your choice of colors.

4. Matches or a lighter.

5. Heat proof container for candles.

6. Salt (sea salt is best)

7. Ritual clothes ( your choice)

8. Bell (small enough for you to hold with one hand)

9. Music recording and player (optional)

Burn your favorite incense here again if you wish. Make sure the room (or area) is dimly lit.

If outside, let Nature provide you with the perfect environment. Choose a place that is special to you-use your intuition, you'll know where. Use a large rock or boulder as the center of your Circle, or even a particular spot on the ground itself.

NOTE: DO NOT burn candles if outside-use a single campfire, lantern, or similar light source. This will NOT harm the ritual in any way. Safety first-yours and others.

Use a covered table or similar object for your alter. This can be a permanent affair or a portable one. Always use what you have on hand if you wish. It is always your decision.

Place the 4 large candles in heat proof containers and place them on the alter in the 4 directions (one per quarter). Place the 7 small candles in heat proof containers and place them on the alter-in no particular formation. Choose something you like.

You can play some music (softly) in the background to help set the mood. Do Not play music if you are outdoors. It is both rude and it distracts from the music that Nature will provide for you instead.

-Cast The Circle-

Ring Bell 3 times.


O Mother Goddess of whom I call Thee: (use your own personal name for her here)

O Father God of whom I call thee: (use personal name for him here)

Parents to all life and answers to all mysteries and mysteries yet unanswered.

Within this Circle of Power I call to thee.

I open myself to your essence.

In this, the most Holy of places, and within this, most Holy of Times,

I am forever hereby changed.

I Wish to dedicate myself to you, O gracious God and Goddess.

I wish to henceforth walk the path of the Old Ways, the Path of the Wicca, the path of the Craft.


Mother Goddess and Father God, of whom I call thee : (Use your personal names for each Deity).

Please Bless me and accept me into your Greater mystery. I ask to be your pupil, please teach me and show me the way.

Light the 1st. Small candle:

Blessed be are my eyes:

that I have seen this day (or night),

that I have seen your grace,

and that I have sen the way.

...So Mote It Be.

Light the 2nd. candle:

Blessed be are my ears:

that I may hear your voices,

that I may hear the voices of those who would teach and guide me on my way.

Light the 3rd. candle:

Blessed be my mouth:

that I may speak the ways of the Craft and the Wicca...Discretely.

Light the 4th. candle:

Blessed are my feet:

that they have led me to you and to this path that I may now choose to follow.

Light the 5th. candle:

Blessed be my heart:

that I may follow my intuition and my feelings

that will guide me on my way and to allow me to experience your never-ending love and grace.

Light the 6th. candle:

Blessed be my loins:

that bring forth life, the ultimate gift of your love and sacred union,

which you have given to us to know and experience.

Light the 7th. candle:

Blessed be this body:

that it may serve me long and well so that I may serve you and learn your multitude of lessons,

and someday be by your side.

Ring the Bell 3 times:

Light 1st. Large candle:

I now breath your energies unto myself,

blending and mixing with my energies and becoming one,

that I may experience the divine in nature,

and the nature in the divine,

and the divinity within myself and all things.

O Great Goddess (Name)

O Great God (Name)

Light 2nd. large candle:

I promise to uphold your laws,

and the way of the Old Path, the path of the Wicca, and the Craft.

Blessed be this time, for it marks this point in time that I shall walk the path of the Old Ones, te Gods of Today.

Please allow me to learn your ways and to carry them forever with me, for this is now my path, my way, my religion.

I shall ever endure to become a true Wiccan and a member of the Craft.

Bless me, and make me one with your essence. ...So Mote It Be!

Ring Bell 3 times:

Light 3rd. large candle:

Recite the Laws and the Ways of your religion for all to hear.

After each law of way (at the end of the 'document') Say:

I shall do my best to keep this Law (or way, code, creed etc..) To the best of my ability, for it is now my law (way; etc...) And I accept it as such. In perfect love and in perfect trust.

...So Mote It Be!

Now announce your own thoughts, feelings, and the like for all to hear. Nothing is too foolish, serious, or otherwise!

Light the 4th. candle and say:

I accept all that has transpired here and I accept my new life and my calling, this path, this way of the Wicca and the Craft. I will learn the Craft of the Wise and I will endeavor to understand it to the fullest, and in the fullest of time. I will count myself as one who serves the Old Ones and the Ancient Ways. I now belong to the Craft and I embrace it and all that it entails in perfect love and in perfect trust.

Let thy life and the lives to come be in your service and of your love:

O Mother Goddess (Name) and Father God (Name).

...So Mote It Be! ( Say 3 Times)

Dispel Circle and enjoy the Simple Feast.