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Casting of the Circle

TOOLS: Athame


I now invite the guardians of the quarters and the Gods alike, to attend this magickal rite. I honor you and ask you to witness this work upon this eve (or day).

O Gracious Lord and Lady ( or call them by name): Father and Mother of all life, Guard me (or us) and guide me (or us) within this magickal circle and without it. In all things.

...So Mote It Be.

Here I cast the boundary of my (our) Circle of Power.

Naught but love shall enter it. Naught but love shall emerge from within.

Charge this Circle by your powers.

O Gracious God and Goddess (or by name).

NOTE: With The Athame-Draw a Circle in a clockwise (Deosil) motion with you as the center. Do this three (3) times. Do this SLOWLY!

-CALL THE QUARTERS at this time.-