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Call Of the Quarters


1. Athame.

2. (4) 'Quarter' candles ( each candle should be a different color for each direction but color is up to you, all the same color is fine too).

3. (2) God and Goddess candles ( of any color -different or the same).


We do call thee here, be with us, attend this Circle, and aid us in our rite, Charge this Circle and Bless it with your Power.

...So Mote It Be.


EAST Light the East Candle while saying:

Thou Spirits of the East. Sylphs of the Air.

Lords of intellect, communication, concentration. Powers to know, to understand, and to unlock the secrets of the living and the dead. Bringer of Wisdom, Memory, and Prophecy.


WEST Light the West candle while saying:

Thou Spirits of the West. Undines of the Water.

Lords of intuition, emotions, and the inner-self. With the powers to cleanse all things, of love, sympathy, and reflection. Keepers of the tides of life, of dreams, and of dream-time


SOUTH Light the South candle while saying:

Thou Spirits of the South. Salamanders of Fire.

Lords of all energy, purification, courage and the will to dare. Creativity, success, and refinement. Bringer of the arts, transformation, loyalty, and contact with our higher-self.


NORTH Light the North candle while saying:

Thou Spirits of the North. Gnomes of the Earth.

Lords of mystery, growth, fertility. Bringer of abundance, birth and healing. Teachers of Nature, consideration and Mother Earth's endless bounty.

-CHORUS-This Circle is now cast.

We are between worlds.

Beyond the bounds of time.

Where night and day, birth and death,

joy and sorrow meet as one ....So Mote It Be!

NOTE- Now Invoke the God and Goddess and begin the Ritual-Spell-Rite etc.