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Air Conditioned Bar...

Eat, Drink and be Merry !!

Details: Based in the ancient city of Varanasi, Basant Bar is the largest, most safe, reliable, air conditioned Bar serving all brands of Indian Whisky, Beer , Scotch and Wine. To name a few: Whisky variety includes Royal Challenge,Aristrocrat, Mc Dowell King, White Hall. The Beer Brands are King Fisher, Black Level, Eagle and Haward 5000. Scotch- 100 Piper, Antiquity and Something Special.

And now for snacks and food, Sangeet Restaurant offers you- Non Vegetarian, Vegetarian, Chinese, Muglai and Continental. Snacks offered are Fried Pakoras made from Paneer (Home Made Cheese), Onions, Potatoes. Non veg specialities include delicious marinated Tandoori (cooked in clay Indian oven) Chicken, Fried Fish and special varieties of Tandoori Mutton and Kababs. You will never be able to forget the tempting Biryani (boiled rice sauted with Indian Masalas and Vegetables or Meat).

Location: Is extremely central, near the Ganges and the Golden Temple (Old City) so you can even walk in most cases. To be specific, the Bar is 1 Km. from the Station and 14 Kms. from the Airport.

Contact Details Address: Chetganj, Varanasi, U.P., India.
Ph: 0091-542-358634, 353500.
Mr. Azad Yadav is the Managing Director of Basant Bar & Sangeet Restaurant. He or Mr. Ramjee Yadav can be reached on the Phone Nos. given for any particular needs, like arrangement for a Bigger Party. E-mail:

VisitVaranasi database is proud to have Basant Bar, the largest in Varanasi, included in it.