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Vanity Press Online-- 3 Years & Counting

"Hasn't anyone noticed that the worst criminals have been corrupted, since their infancy, by injurious reading? Hasn't anyone beheld them, in the course of their trials, confessing that it was sordid literature that dragged them into the road which ended fatally at prison and at the gallows?"
--E. Caron, Dir. of Education for the City of Paris, 1874

YES! Take me into oblivion, where I will discover a prodigiously talented twenty-year-old underground princess who founded her own publishing company at the age of sixteen and maintains this fabulous website with lots of writing and ranting and photos and crap!*

*By clicking "yes", I acknowledge that I am adult in mind, if not necessarily in body, and do not hold anyone but myself responsible if certain words, images, or ideas herein may offend me.

Jump on in, the water's fine...

NO! I am a repressed tool of the system who believes this website, along with all others, should be censored because surely our Founding Fathers were only kidding when they put the First Amendment in the Constitution. Deliver me from the void!

All words and junk contained herein copyright 1996-present by Miss Jennifer Callahan.

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