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Photo Gallery #4: E273 & L129

All photos by (c) Robert Mitts/NewImages


FF Sean Murphy (l-129) climbs aerial and prepares to enter fire apartment as heavy fire vents from top floor of this 4 story brick 100x100 O.M.D. Box 22-4469 at Sanford Ave & Parsons Blvd. (c) Robert Mitts


The brothers of L-129 arrive 1st due and make their INITIAL SIZE UP as fire vents from 2nd floor of this 2 story commerical bldg at 37 Ave & Main Street. Box 33-4464 was transmitted on May 15, 1997. (c)Robert Mitts


Ladder 129 and Ladder 144 responded and assisted with removal and injured kids at this school bus mva at 25th Ave & 150th Street. The bus crashed into a car leaving the bus to slide into a tree. This photo was also featured in FIREHOUSE Magazine. (c) Robert Mitts