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Photo Gallery #2: Engine 273 & Ladder 129

98 People Rescued From YMCA 4th Alarm

First due Truck, Ladder 129 vents large windows as huge fire balls vent from giant gymnasium as fire consumed the 2nd floor. Numerous residents of the YMCA became trapped in their apartments. In all, 98 persons were rescued or removed from this arson fire. Engine 273 was the first due engine. Box 44-4458. All units on the first alarm assignment received a unit citation. Photo by (c)Robert Mitts\NewImages.

Frantic Handicaped Woman Brought To Safety

FF Tommy Mott works the fire escapes to reach handicapped woman who became frantic after her apartment filled with smoke. Aerials were placed into position. Fire involved an apartment on the number 3 floor and Smoke filled the other floors. Box 75-9407; 132-25 Maple Ave. Photo by Robert Mitts(c)

E273 Chauffer Adminsters Oxygen

FF Chris Fusaro, regular MPO for Engine 273, now in Engine 324, administers oyxgen to victim of house fire on 45th Ave & Smart St. Box 75-4495. Heavy fire in the rear on the 1st & 2nd floors were extingushed by Engine 273 and Engine 274. Photo by Robert Mitts(c)