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The following photos were donated to the Engine 273 & Ladder 129 Unofficial Home Page by Fire Photographer Robert P. Mitts.


Ladder 129 arrives 1st due to 2nd Alarm Box 4469; 144-14 Sanford Ave at the corner of Parsons Blvd. A heavy fire condition was visable from the street out 2 windows on the top floor on the Sanford Ave side. Full First Alarm Assignment for this Box; E274 L129 E273 L167 E320 BC 52. (c)Robert Mitts/NEWIMAGES


FF Tommy Mott (L-129) hands child to John Trezza (E-273) who carries girl to awaiting EMS personnel after he carried her down portable Ladder. FF Tom Mott & John Trezza worked on the girl on the 2nd floor porch before Trezza removed here. A 2nd Alarm was transmitted for this fire. BOX 22-4488; Cherry Ave between 147th Street & Parsons Blvd. Another Boy who was rescued by Lt. Shanagan of Engine 274 died at the hospital due to severe burns. It was later found out that the children had been playing with matches. Heavy fire was showing on arrival at this 7pm fire. Photo by Robert Mitts(c)

L-129 Makes Grab

FF Tom Coughlin of L-129 with a member of Engine 273 work on victim rescued from 2nd floor of this working house fire at 131-70 41st Road. Box 9405. An all hands assignment was needed to control the blaze. The victim, an elderly man, reportedly survived his injuries thanks to FF Coughlin and crew of L129. Photo by Robert Mitts(c)