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Tips for new visitors to the land of Cosrin

      "When I was first elected tae the position of Guild Master, I was struck by the lack of advice for the newer members of the guild. I took it upon meself tae put down in writing some of the things that I have learned along the road of life. Many of ye will find nothing here that ye did nae already know, but many more of ye will find something new that ye did nae know about. At least, that is me hope.

      After long hours, I decided tae post the following information fer ye tae digest. Any and all comments upon what is contained on the next few pages is welcomed and indeed asked fer. I am only one elf, and I am sure that there is something I have overlooked in me haste tae get this information written down. I thank the scribes fer all their long hours of labour in writing these down fer me. Yer help was much appreciated. Thank ye."

                -Trollhater: former Guild Master to the Fighter's Guild-

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