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Personal Hotlist

I like to start at Wired News , good coverage of the net news and tech-biz.

Salon Magazine is better than most online magazines, I find the quality of the articles high. I would think about paying for this mag if it was on the rack. I'm not going to subscribe to a website though, sorry.

Michael Hedges was an extrordinary guitarist who died in the fall of 1997. Nomadland is the official website.

Need to Know - ironic, hip net veterans with a snaggletooth bite.

The Onion for your weekly overdose of post-modern irony.

Netslaves for the net weary.

TidBITS covers the Mac world. I blame them for starting my family on a Snood addiction that has wasted too much of our time. has lots of educational stuff for the kids, and adults.

 The Tourbus is a mailing list but has a website. Two guys review all sorts of net stuff. Keeps you current on general trends.

Climbing links

Rock and Ice Magazine has the best climbing information.

Climbing is the other big magazine, good climbing info.

Toprope is a good regional climbing mag.