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An old lady had bought a new carpet and the carpet fitter was fitting
it for her. Once he had fitted it he went outside to have a cigarette,
but he couldn't find his packet of cigarettes.

He looked in all his pockets and in his van, but he just couldn't find
them. So, he went back into the room where he had fitted the carpet to
see if he had dropped the packet in there.

As he entered the room he noticed a small lump under the carpet in the
middle of the room.

He decided to flatten the lump rather than undo all his work, so he took
a hammer and banged the lump until it was flat.

As he was putting his tools away the old lady walked into the room. She
was holding a packet of cigarettes. She said, "I found these in the
hallway. You must have dropped them."

"Now, I just need to find my budgie."


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