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This is a new year with better things to come.
I hope you all liked my page in the past, I do my best,
to make it what people want! You all know I do my own editing here, in the near future I'll be
doing it the easy way. Don't get me wrong editing
done the old way are good, in fact it is the
best way.
This way you can see all your dumb mistakes we all make and fix them, in a sec,,,
So for me to go to the "point & click" way will be fine and I'll get more done lol !

So for the next week or 2 my page will be down to get
to get all my new info,,, all the way I want.
So come back soon !!!

Well why not read about me the Editor...

Hi I am Blaine J. of Sudbury, ON Can.
My birth place is Kitchener, ON Can. I've lived in Sudbury
for 10 years lets say. Sudbury is a small city of only
160,000 people small eh! Yes it is I love it because of the
outdoors life. I enjoy much of life out doors like
-Fishing, Camping, and yes the snow too!
I don't like all them big cities all close together.
Like my home town no way eh! Up here is much more different.
If ya want to go fising cool. Just go in, the bush behind your house.
I am sure it will not be long to find a spot. Not like down South
where it is to far, to many people also. Here is all right for me!
Yes Sudbury is a little slow on the job market now. It will pick up though

Any ways back to me :) I am a Student here @ Cambrian College.
I just love it there, so much for me to do. I've been going here as
of 01/05/98. Not long but I learn what I can. I just love to learn
New stuff all the time. I was in a course back in Jan, of this year.
The course I took was the best one for me. Micro Computers Business
Appications. Except I had trouble with one, part of it. Accounting aghhh
I hate it. I had to drop out that sucked big time
Any ways time goes on. And now I am in up grading to get my grade 12
There is one important thing to listen to now eh!!
Never give up one your Goals, or what ever you want out of life.
I didn't an my goal is a big one yes. I want to be a Computer Technician.
Very big goal yes it is. All I will say is the stuff, I learned @ College.
Is enough for me to keep on the right track. For what I want to, do.

Ok now wooohooo are ya board yet?
You better not be eh. Now a bit of my Personal life.
Not much to say lol but I like to chat on-line.
And I found out you can meet many nice people there.
Yes you also meet lot of wierd ones too!
Isn't real life the same too you might ask?? Well yes
I'll agree

Well enough for now I need to work on other things here.
So any time you feel like it come on back ya hear!!
I am sure my page will be on the move. More as the days go by.
Thanks very, very much if you read all this eh!
Well see ya all later in Cyber Space! "Pooof"

A few of my own stuff I put together myself and some of my friends links too.
The first links on my page I've, been working on for awhile.
I hope you, like what I have here! give it a try.
All the Editing here is down by me.
Why pay, someone else when you all can do it free!!
For me it is not as tuff, making pages now :)
In the past yes it was a fight with me & the computer lol
Now "I" control this evil machine here lol.
No really it is easy to Edit your own Webpage!
After you have seen some of, my own work.
Go to where I started all this "Way Cool Webpage Making!"
And make one of your very own, to make all your friends.
Say now that is too Cool :)
You can do it!!

My Links: Win 95 Tips Poems Art HTML Jokes Cambrian College Woodstock 99 Addicted Souls Deth's Domain John Justins Kick Butt Page
Train Watchers Go To MILE262

Visit Gibbleguts Comic Zine
Daily cartoons from Gibbleguts

Hello all ok eh there will be a few good
"Search Engines"
On my Site very soon!!
Come Back Soon, they are in the testing range as
of now. Should be up and running by this,
evening! This page gets bigger every day eh :)

(Subzero... 02/11/99)
Well hello agian there is one Search Engine,
for you all. hope you like it eh! I am sure
I "I might be able to fix it so you can.
Have your Page in that search too!" Let me know
of any you might have eh. No prob,,,! Then
again take care "Enjoy"

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More again very, very soon !!!!

Sub... 10/28/98


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