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The Stanley Park pickup game has been going on for decades. It is perfect for those who want a less competitive game on a regular or occasional basis.
While many of us play almost every week, other players just drop by on an off week from tournaments. It can be very useful if you work shift work or have a hectic schedule- come by Stanley Park when the have a chance.
All skill levels are welcome. It's not competitive, except in the sense that everyone tries their best.

Starts 1st Sunday in May, 2003- goes as long as people attend. Coed, non-competitive, throw the gloves in the middle, go out for a beer afterwards


Sunday's at 3:00 pm, King St. W & Niagara, Toronto.


For more Stanley Park information contact one of the executive members below.


2003 Executive Members - SPSA

Wayne Crowley

416  694-9284

Arny Sokoloff

416 398-9080

David Creelman

416 537-9621

Don Gibson

416 530 0984



Details Coming Soon For

Spring Training
Florida 2003

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