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Cyberspace In Your Face


Welcome to "Cyberspace In Your Face" (CIYF), the website dedicated to keeping you informed of what's happening on the ever popular, and always evolving metal radio show "Space In Your Face" (SIYF), which airs Thursday nights from 10pm - Midnight on CKMS - 100.3 FM from Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.
SIYF features Metal News, Interviews, Giveaways, and More!

Listen to "SPACE IN YOUR FACE" live over the Internet. CLICK HERE
to listen on Thursday evenings from 10pm-Midnight Eastern Time!

NOTE - This website is currently under RECONSTRUCTION. Until the new website is completed we are retaining the content from the old website, but not necessarily updating all information on a regular basis - except the Concert Listings - these are updated regularly. Thank-you for your patience.

"Space In Your Face" is currently in it 8th year on air... In February 2002 "Space In Your Face" celebrated its 5th Anniversary on air at CKMS; this is what renowned metal magazine "Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles" magazine had to say about it:

"Heavy hails to Dan Kieswetter and his brother Matt on the show's Fifth Anniversary. Through Dan's tireless efforts, killer interviews and impeccable taste, Space In Your Face has become one of the most professional and intelligent metal radio experiences in the country. Long may ye reign." --BW&BK Issue #57

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Hosted by: Dan Kieswetter

Click HERE to check out some pictures from when each of the following bands were at CKMS recently live on "SPACE IN YOUR FACE":

Take note - SIYF regularly features GIVEAWAYS on the show! Prize packs we give away usually include concert tickets, various CDs, posters etc.! So, be sure to tune in each week and try your shot at winning!

Congrats to everyone who's won tickets recently: Judas Priest/Slayer; Fear Factory; Dream Theater; Henry Rollins Spoken Word etc...

Upcoming events on SIYF:

July 29, 2004 - We'll be airing our second concert of the 2004 SIYF Live-To-Air Summer Concert Series! featuring a live in-studio performance by RUMSFIELD! Be sure to check out their website for information on their brand new release Terrible Times!

HEY LISTENERS! Dan from SIYF hosts a second metal radio show, "Feel The Rage", but here's the deal - it airs on a different radio station... You can check out "Feel The Rage" on The Condor, CJIQ - 88.3 FM. It airs Friday Nights from 9-11pm, so check it out!!! Help continue to support the Southern Ontario metal scene!

Wondering if you live in The Condor's broadcast area? Check out this coverage map to see if you live in our listening area!

August 6, 2004 - Joining Dan in the studio will be PENETRATOR to talk about their new CD, Unleash The Fury!

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" 'Space In Your Face' is my favorite! "
Ronnie James Dio - 1997

" 'Space In Your Face'... it's the coolest show in the universe!"
Phil Campbell, Motorhead - 1999

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