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Melissa L. Morgan


  • Frugal Homeschooling

  • Computing on a Shoestring

  • How You Can Afford To Be Home with Your Kids

  • Build Your House Without a Mortgage


  • Book co-author, Homeschooling on a Shoestring (Allee/Morgan) Harold Shaw Publishing, 1999
    "This book is the most original and helpful homeschooling book I've read in years. Highly recommended."--Mary Pride

  • Writer, "Parents Are Teachers" (PAT), bi-monthly e-mail newsletter distributed by Global Christian Network (Subscribe at GCN )

  • Web developer, "A Wise Steward's Web,"

  • Study Guide and Sunday School curriculum writer for various publishers, including Christian Education Publishers, International Church of the Nazarene, Reconciliation Press

  • Newspaper column, "PATHWAYS Teaching Homes"

  • Communications Consultant (writing and editing) for The Center For Bio-Ethical Reform--Midwest


    • Workshops for writers in the Columbus area, such as "Getting Published on the Internet"

    • Facilitated 12-step program for kids

    • Radio interview guest on the topic of Homeschooling On a Shoestring on various radio programs, including:
      • Midday Connections (Moody Broadcasting Network--nationally syndicated)
      • Everybody's Talking (WCVO-Columbus, OH)
      • On the Air (Denver, CO; KFBJ, TX)

    • Served as instructor for an on-line course for homeschool parents at Virtual University.


      Melissa Morgan is a Christian writer who homeschools her children from a Biblical perspective. She and her husband, Hugh, down-sized their lifestyle from two incomes to one (or one-and a half, including home business income), and now own their home mortgage-free through sweat equity, financial finesse, and God's grace.

      The Morgans are independent representatives for Life Plus, a company specializing in nutrition supplements and other health products. Melissa's three children, age 12, 10, and 1, have never attended school.

      Melissa Morgan has worked as a volunteer clown at a mission in Columbus. She has taught various age groups, from preschool to adult, in Sunday school classes, children's church, the 12 Steps for Kids, and monthly home school support group classes. The Morgans built their own house, contracting out the heavy work, but completing much of the plumbing, electric, insulation, finish work, and landscaping themselves, learning as they went.


    • Completed the Professional Division of the Christian Writer's Institute

    • Received a Certificate of Achievement for teaching and communication skills from Dr. Howard G. Hendricks, Chairman of the Christian Leadership Center
    • The Morgan family currently attends New Song Community Church, which is part of the Great Commission family of churches.

    • Melissa co-founded the Pataskala Christian Writer's Fellowship in 1994 and served as leader for the group until 1998.

    • Webmaster for A Wise Steward's Club For Writers.

      Member of the Christian Home Educators of Ohio (CHEO) and former co-secretary/newsletter editor of Pataskala Area Teaching Homes With Able Young Students (PATHWAYS).


    • Email to

    • For media interviews and workshop presentation on the book Homeschooling on a Shoestring,
      contact Melissa by e-mail, or contact:
      Harold Shaw Publishing at


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