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at the Allee On-Line Directory of Homeschool Speakers and Authors

    E-mail your answer to the following questions to Judith Allee at and include the following. Print this page as a guide if you like, or view sample listings. :

    1. What is your name (as you wish it to appear)?
      Example: Jane Q. Doe

    2. What topics do you write and/or speak on (for workshops or interviews)?
      1. Homeschooling as a Single Parent
      2. How to Teach Spelling without a Textbook

    3. What are your writing credits, if any?
      Example: Magazine articles published in Homeschooling Today, Home Education Magazine, and Today's Parent.

    4. List the highlights of your presentations and media interviews, if any.
      Example: Workshop presenter at state homeschool conferences in Utah, Kansas and Quebec. Appeared on Oprah. (Don't we all wish!)

    5. Who are you? Give us a brief bio (200 words or less).
      For examples, view sample listings. .

    6. What memberships and affiliations do you want to include?
      Example: Member, National Speakers Association; newsletter editor for Homeschoolers of Frog County; etc.

    7. How can people contact you? List any or all of these: mail address, e-mail address, telephone number, fax number, website, publisher, publicist.
      Example: P.O. Box 1000, Anytown, Any State or Province, Any Country (include postal zones); e-mail to; Jane's Learning Tips at To arrange media interviews, contact publisher at (212) 555-5555.

    8. Do you have any suggestions, criticisms or comments to help us improve the directory? Please be frank--we want the directory to be genuinely useful and easy to use. Thanks for listing!


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