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About John F. Allee,
photograher, speaker, & homeschool dad
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    Topics on this page:

      1. Traveling event photography
      2. Photography prices for families, weddings and events in central Ohio
      3. About John Allee and his photography

      Sample photos

    Traveling Event Photography
    in the U.S.A. and Canada

    John Allee of Allee Photography offers traveling photography services for conferences, reunions, and other events in the U.S.A. and Canada, offering both large group portraits and photojournalism. He has photographed conferences and other events in nine states, including homeschool graduations, state fairs, Singles In Agriculture conferences, clown conventions, family reunions, class reunions, and military reunions.

    Prices are quoted on a case-by-case basis. However, for many reunion committees and some other sponsoring organizations, the cost for group portraits is as little as nothing! In these cases, John works on speculation, selling portraits to group members at a reasonable cost (which may range from $10 to $25, depending on the size of the group and other factors).

    The Allees (John, his wife, Judith, and assistants, if called for) handle taking orders and making change when needed, freeing the organization from any time-consuming details. (Prices for weddings and portraits in Ohio are below.)

    John also offers photojournalism at events to document the highlights, the people and the fun, and he speaks on a variety of topics, including photography workshops for children and adults.

    Allee Photography is equipped for portraits of groups as large as 200. Because John has his own photo lab, he can customize the photos in several ways:

    1. By imprinting the name of the group, their logo, and other important information on the photograph.

    2. When the group does not have space for the entire group to be photographed, John can create a composite photograph. He photographs the group in sections, then prints all sections on one 8 x 10.

    Photography Prices for Portraits, Weddings, and Events in Central Ohio

    In Licking County, Ohio, and surrounding counties, John offers portraits on location--in your home, out of doors, or anywhere you like! Specialities include:

      --Family portraits on location, especially large families and three-generation portraits
      --High school seniors out of doors
      --Reunions and other events (see "traveling event photography" above)

    Sitting fees are $35 for first grouping and $15 for each additional grouping. (Prices are usually discounted for groups larger than 40 people.) An 8 x 10 costs $33. Wall portraits range from $80 to $145.

    Sitting fees range from $35 to $75. Packages range from $200 to $600. Pictures are also available a la carte.

    $800-$1,400 for complete album including shooting fees and enlargements. You receive a complete wedding album. No "proof book," which means no agonizing over which pictures you can afford to keep and which ones you need to return! You keep the entire album, which contains the best of every portrait plus an array of the spontaneous moments that capture your wedding day. If you hate having the photography center stage directing every move, then John is the right photographer for you. He believes the wedding should go on as if he weren't there, and it's his job to capture it on film. Call to see pictures from other weddings.

Revised 12/28/00