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Table of Contents
By Jonni McCoy, author of the best-selling book, MISERLY MOMS, and of the new release, FRUGAL FAMILIES.

CHAPTER 1: Financial Choices that Make Homeschooling Possible

CHAPTER 2: The Frugal and Wise Homeschool Budget

CHAPTER 3: Homeschoolers with Home Businesses

CHAPTER 4: Making Room for Homeschooling--Simplifying Your Home and Your Life

CHAPTER 5: The Frugal Home Library and Its Many Branches

CHAPTER 6: Curriculum Made Easy--Abundant Learning with a Paltry Purse

CHAPTER 7: Shoestring Tips for Low-Cost, Low-Tech Learning

CHAPTER 8: Computing on a Shoestring--Cheapskate Technology Has Arrived!

CHAPTER 9: Enrichment for a Song--The Arts, Physical Fitness, and Sports

CHAPTER 10: Homeschooling for the Teen Years

CHAPTER 11: Career and College Bound on a Budget

CHAPTER 12: Character Building on a Wing and a Prayer

Extensive appendix of resources (over 40 pages) and index.

The following excerpts are from "Homeschooling on a Shoestring," copyright 1999, Allee/Morgan, published by Harold Shaw Publishing. May not be reproduced without written permission from the publisher.

CHAPTER 1--"Financial Choices that Make Homeschooling Possible"
--Cutting back on your living expenses so you can afford to be home with your children.
--Work alternatives
--Free sample homeschool newsletters
--Reasons for homeschooling Excerpt: "Keep in mind that by no means do all homeschool families live on one income with a full-time parent at home. Many, perhaps most, have a sideline income of some kind, and some families have two full-time incomes. Some are single parents who face all the challenges that couples have, and then some.

"We have talked with scores of homeschool parents who have found creative financial solutions: unusual jobs, unusual work hours, or unusual homeschooling. Their solutions range from working as an estate caretaker to working from home, and from staggering their work hours with their spouses' to taking their child to work."

CHAPTER 2: "The Frugal and Wise Homeschool Budget"
--Credit potholes and free credit counseling
--Food costs
--Insurance and health care costs
--A Frugal Guide to Buying, Borrowing, and Scavenging
--Perspectives on wealth and poverty
"We find it an 'ad-venture' to advertise for something we want. It is a great way to find good used items at rock-bottom prices. People may decide to sell an object that is 'just lying around' when they see your ad. Often they will charge a reasonable (or token) price--or just give away the item for free.

". . .The Allee family lists four or more 'wanted' items in each ad and nearly always gets one or more of them. Judith has successfully advertised for such diverse items as a left-handed ball glove (free), Lego building blocks ($20 for a wastebasket full), size 10 school clothes (a carton full for $10), a bird cage and acquariums ($5-$10), foreign language tapes and records ($5-$10), a microscope ($10), and sleeping bags ($5 each)."

CHAPTER 3: "Homeschoolers with Home Businesses"
--Sample businesses operated by homeschool families
--Considerations for choosing a business
--Marketing your business, including on the Internet
--Free business counseling
"Another homeschool parent dresses as a honey bee for his school programs. He was originally invited to perform at a school because the family had a honey business. He soon discovered he could make more money talking about honey than selling it.

"If you are interested in school programs, read "How to Make Money Performing in Schools: Definitive Guide to Developing Marketing, and Presenting School Assembly Programs" by David Helflick. Helflick gives step-by-step instructions for musicians, storytellers, mimes, speakers, dancers, puppeteers, and others who want to perform in schools for a profit."

CHAPTER 4: "Making Room for Homeschooling--Simplifying Your Home and Your Life"
--Getting rid of clutter
--Preventing pile-up of homeschool projects
--Free and cheap containers
--Integrating chores with homeschooling
--Limiting time spent on television and computers
--Replenishing yourself
--Be a cheap date (or have a thrify outing on your own)