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Dreams on a Shoestring Website

~~~Judith Waite Allee & John F. Allee~~~
  • Writing, speaking & consultations

  • The book, Homeschooling on a Shoestring (1999)

  • The new book,
    Educational Travel on a Shoestring
    (due in bookstores Jan. 15, 2002)

  • Please note: After 35 years in business, Allee Photography has closed its doors. Sadly, John died in July 20012. Judith is pursuing other endeavors. If you are a former customer, you can contact Judith at 740-345-67-eleven to obtain negatives or digital versions of your photos, if they are available. Thank you for the wonderful years and memories!

  • Purchase downloadable Resource Guides
    (appendices) for either book so you can
    click on the websites and search for key words.
    To be notified when download is available
    (later in January), email us at