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The NorCal 2nd Annual Schipnic!

Baxter's first Schipnic!  Wow, was that fun!  It was a very exciting time in Baxter's life.  I don't think any Schipperke ever imagines they would come across 21 other Schipperke's in the same place.  All of them were running loose, and I mean running.  They are definitely a mischievous bunch, sniffing around the tables of food, jumping into laps of people who are eating, in general just being wild and crazy.  

There Baxter met the love of his life...Lani.


lani.JPG (16598 bytes)

And here she is...Lani.


mischief.JPG (17563 bytes)

Baxter involved in some sort of mischievious act.


baxterandschip.jpg (25152 bytes)

Baxter with a friend at the Schipnic.


schipnic98.JPG (79071 bytes)

The 2nd Annual NoCal Scipnic.

I'll gather up the pictures of the last Schipnic and get them on here soon.