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Puppy Days

baxter1.JPG (46392 bytes)

Baxter on the back of the couch, his first night at home.

baxter2.jpg (57636 bytes)

A little bear gnawing on a bone. No, it's Baxter!

image08.jpg (30129 bytes)


prof.jpg (73907 bytes)

His first studio shot.

boochair.jpg (10153 bytes)

Taking toys from the big dogs.


Young Adult

image26.jpg (48564 bytes)

Just playing with Auntie Ima Jean.

bandrubi.jpg (147494 bytes)

Playing with his new friend, Rubi from Salt Lake City, Utah.

dig.JPG (6191 bytes)

At the beach doing what he does best.

upstairs.JPG (4792 bytes)

Climbing up stairs.