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About Baxter...

Baxter was born to Tobee and Lacey on May 14, 1998 in California. Baxter was last attending advanced novice, his fifth(?) session of dog training with Town and Country Dog Training Club. I have hopes of showing him in both obedience and conformation classes and maybe even agility. We'll see how it goes, so far I've been pretty darn lazy and nervous about showing again.

In his spare time Baxter likes to play with his animal friends or lately it's been sleeping on the couch or under the computer desk.   Baxter now lives with his Aunts Ima and Zoe and his little kitty friends. He even gets my Goffin Cockatoo, Sophie to play sometimes. 

Baxter follows everyone wherever they go.  Anytime a door opens he is out quicker than lightning.  Sometimes we don't see him, so we have to retrace our steps to see where we locked him.  Any time someone opens the front door he thinks he's going bye bye. Everyone in our house takes him for rides in their car. He even goes with Grandma when she just goes out to start up the cars to make sure they stay running.  He's excited to get into a car whether or not it's actually going to go anywhere.  When he's not playing or traveling he's sleeping under the couch or desk or wherever its cool.   

Baxter seems to be enjoying the cool weather we've had here lately.  He's also enjoying the grass we recently put in the backyard, especially when the sprinklers go haywire and go off in the middle of the day while he's out there.   He also like to dig in my son's sandbox and see just how far he can fling the sand.   We just put a fountain on the deck the other day he's finally discovered there is water in it, but he's just too short to get to it.  I'm thinking about taking him to the ranch with me like I used to, but I've moved my horses and a dog on the ranch isn't real happy about male dogs being on his property.  Baxter and he played for quite a while one day.  I guess the dog just couldn't feel threatened by a little dog that growled like Donald Duck. 

Every morning Baxter is greeted by my son with a big hug and squeeze.  It's usually more grabbing of the fur and tackling, but I'll call it hugging.  I just figure it's payback time for everyone putting up with Baxter's razor sharp puppy teeth he used on us often.  Baxter is super good with babies and little kids.  He pretty much just stays out of their way unless of course there is food involved.  He gets very concerned when my son cries, he jumps up on him and licks his face.  That of course just makes him madder, but sometimes it gets him laughing, which makes Baxter crazy.  So now Ricky has learned to cry an intentional "Baxter come over here and lick me" cry.  It cracks him up when Baxter licks him then races around the house. 

Well...  that's about it for now.  I could pretty much go on forever, but I won't.