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Sandshrew's Pokemon Gym

Site under massive construction, please exercise extreme caution! If you have any pics of a sandshrew,( preferably large) please send them to me at the below address.

Gym Trainers
Pewter city
Geodude: Level 12 ( Rock-Ground )
Onix: Level 14 ( Rock-Ground )
Use Bulbasaur or Squirtle, Because Charmander's fire based powers do diddly squat against both rock and ground types. If you started out with Charmander, level up Pikachu to at least 16. You do this because Thundershock has no effect on both so you use Quick Attack. Have a Charmeleon & use embers, not Scratchs. You get a TM 34, which contains Bide.
Cerulean City
Staryu: Level 18 ( Water )
Starmie: Level 21 ( Water-Psychic )
Use either Bulbasaur ( which should have evolved into Ivysaur by now )or Pikachu ( at least level 18 ). Both Squirtle and Charmander do poorly against her water Pokemon. You get a TM 11, which is Bubblebeam.
LT. Surge
Virmillion City ( Need cut ability to get past bush )
Pikachu: Level 18 ( Electric )
Voltorb: Level 21 ( Electric )
Raichu: Level 24 ( Electric )
Best chance is a Ground type Pokemon, I would advise capturing a sandshrew from route 4 ( area after MT. Moon ), because you'll be able to train it more, and make it powerful enough to defeat all three! A Geodude would do even better because it's rock abilities prevent it from getting delt almost any damage from normal attacks. You get a TM 24, which contains Thunderbolt.
Celadon City
Victreebell: Level 29
Vileplume: Level 29
Tangela: Level 24
Best chance against Erika are either Fire, Ice, Poison, Flying, or a Bug Type Pokemon. You get a TM 21, which is Mega Drain.
Saffron City
Alakazam: Level 43
Kadabra: Level 38
Venomoth: Level 38
Mr. Mime: Level 37
Best chance against Sabrina's Pokemon are Bug, Ghost( for the Psychic pokemon) & Ground or Pyschic ( For the Bug-Poison Venomoth ). You get a TM 46, which contains Psywave.
Fuchsia City
Koffing: L37
Muk: L39
Koffing: L37
Weezing: L43
Best chance against Koga's poison pokemon is a Psychic, Ground, or Rock-Ground pokemon. You get a TM 06, which is toxic!
Cinnibar Island
Growlithe: L42
Ponyta: L40
Rapidash: L42
Arcinine: L47
Best chance would be using water,ground, or rock pokemon & attacks. You get a TM 38, Which is Fire Blast.
Viridian City
Rhyhorn: L45
Dugtrio: L42
Nidoqueen: L43
Nidoking: L45
Rhydon: L50
Best chance would be to used grass, water, & flying pokemon. You get a TM 27, which contains Fissure.

Pallet Town: Starting point of game. From Prof. Oak, you recieve one of three starting Pokemon, Bulbasaur, Charmander, or Squirtle.
Viridian City: Gym #8 located here. When first going to Viridian City, be sure to go into the shop, the attendent there will give you a Custom Pokeball for Prof. Oak. Take it back to him. It will allow you to buy stuff, and get passed the grumpy man blocking your way to route 2. Look at the palm tree next to the man who lying down earlier, it will give you a Potion. After getting the CUT ability, talk to the person in the closed off area by cutting down the tree. He will give you a TM 42, which is Dream Eater.
Viridian Forest: The first place where you challenge rival trainers. Look out for the Poke ball, Antidote, & Potion..
Indigo Plateu: Location of the Pokemon League. Accessible only after you have beaten all eight gyms.
Pewter City: Location of Gym #1. Above is a large building, a museum. The building on the right is only accessible by cutting down a tree. The man in there will give you a fossil. This museum is also the place to get the Old Amber and an Aerodactyl.
Celadon City: City with extremely large shopping center. Location of gym #4. On the top floor of the shopping center, they have vending machines that sell three types of drinks. There is a girl up there that if you give her a Water, she'll give you a TM 13. If you give her a Soda Pop, she'll give you a TM 48. Follow up with a Lemonade, she'll give you a TM 49. Also in the Slot Machine center there is a man that is standing in front of a poster in the back in a black suit. Fight him and then inspect the poster by pressing A. You will here a *KLUNK* and a stairwell will be opened. This is the Rocket Gang Lair. Here you can get the Shilf Scope used for seeing the ghosts in the Pokemon Tower. To the left of the large shopping center is a small road with a Snorlax blocking the way. Use the Poke Flute next to him and it will attack! It's at level 30, and you only have 2 chances to catch it, so try your best here. Save before fighting him so if you mess up, you can reset and try again. Also there is a tree there. Cut down that tree, go up and to the left, and you will see a house. Go into that house and a girl will give you an HM02, which is Fly. Use it on any flying pokemon. This ability puts up a map and lets you go to any city that had a Poke Center that you went into. For example, if you went to Lavender Town and didn't go into the Pokemon Center, that town will not be an option.
Mt. Moon: At the Pokemon Center at the base of Mt. Moon, you can buy a Magikarp for $500! But, don't you think you can catch a Magikarp for free later on? Here, you can catch Zubats, Geodudes, Paras, & Clefairy( which can only be found in 2 other places, you try your best while your here to find one). Near the end of the cave, you will see a path to the right, take it and press a against the wall. Surprise! A second Moon Stone!. Next you will see a person gaurding 2 fossils. Defeat him and you can choose 1! The one on the left is the Dome Fossil (Kabuto). On the right is the Helix Fossil (Omanyte).
Cerulean City, #8: Location of Gym #2. At the bottom of the city is a bicycle shop. The man who owns it will give you a bike for free if you give him the exchange ticket. To get the exchange ticket, go to Kuchiba City and go into the house above and to the left of the gym there. Talk to the man in the upper left. He will give you the exchange ticket.
Mt. Moon #9: A cave you travel through that is completely black. To make it light, use HidenMachin05 on a Pokemon like Pippi or Purin. To get HidenMachin05, there is an area next to the trail that leads to Tokiwa Forest, that is blocked off by trees. Use tree cutter and go into the house and talk to the men inside, they will give you HidenMachin05. There are many guys to face in there, but I know of no items.
Yamabuki City #10: The only way in here is to give the guard who looks at who passes is to give him a drink. Go to the top of the Shopping Center in Tamamushi City and get one of the three drinks (anyone is fine). He will then let you in. Location of Gym #6. There are two sections of the gym, the first section on the left is where you can get one of two monsters, but only one. The monsters you can choose from are Ebiwaraa and Sawamuraa. There is one building where you must beat the Rocket Gang Leader again. By doing that, you now have access now to the second part of the gym where you can get the badge for Gym Boss #6.
Lavender Town #11: Location of Pokemon Tower. Nothing of much importance here. Man in bottom right house will rename your Pokemon. To the trail on the left are some challenges and a house that has an underground trail to Tamamushi City (#6). To the trail to the south of Shion Town, are challenges. Go to far south and there is a sleeping monster blocking the way. You need to get the Shirufu Scope to view the ghosts in the Pokemon Tower (Tamamushi City, #6). After beating the Pokemon Tower, the man at the top will give you the Pokemon no Fue (Pokemon Flute). This can be used to wake Gabegon, the sleeping monster blocking the way to the south. This path will now lead you to Sekichiku City (#13). On the way down to Sekichiku City, there is a house, the only one along the way. In here, a man will give you the Sugoi Tsurizao, the Wondrous Fishing Rod. You can catch a variety of Pokemon with this.
Vermillion City #12: Location of Gym #3. To the immediate left of the entrance to Vermillion City is a Poke Center. To the left of that is a house, the another. Go into the farthest house to the left. In here, a man will give you the Old Fishing Rod. This can only be used to capture Koi King. To the south of the city is a pier with large Cruise Liner that is docked. On the boat are many challenges in the rooms of people, which also have some items in them. The captain of the boat will give you HidenMachin01, which is TreeCutter. If you have beaten all the guys on the boat and he will not give it to you, make sure you don't have your 20 item limit all the way full. TreeCutter can be used on monsters that when under the Pokemon category on the start menu, will appear as a flower/four-leaf clover. Above and to the left of the gym, there is a house with six people in it, two of which are pokemon. Talk to the man in a black suit and had on the top left of the house, and he will give you the Exchange Ticket.
Sekichiku City #13: Lots of things to get here! Location of Gym #5. Two houses to the south, near the entrance to the city. The one on the left is the house of the Safari Zone director. He will give you HidenMachin04, which is rock push ability. I'm not exactly sure what type of monster it works on, but I know it works on Zenigame, one of the three monsters you can get in the beginning. If you know the type of monster that HidenMachin04 works on, e-mail me. In the same house as the man who gives you HidenMachin04, there is an item blocked by a rock. Use rock push to get the item. In the house next to the Safari Zone director's house, there is a man that will give you the Ii no Turizao (Good Fishing Rod). With this you can catch two different types of water Pokemon. To get HidenMachin03, which is Naminori, the ability to swim on a monsters back, you need to go into the Safari Zone. For 500 Yen, you get 30 normal Monster Balls, and 500 paces to move. For an example of a pace, lightly tap any direction and you will move one square, which is one pace. Don't worry, 500 is a lot. In the way back of the Safari Zone is a house with many statues in front of it. This is the house where you get HidenMachin03. There should only be one man in there, and the inside should look metallic, unlike the other houses in the Safari Zone. Be sure to do the Safari Zone a lot, 500 Yen is great for 30 Monster Balls and there is a large variety of monsters. Be sure to also stock up on Hyper or Super Balls while here (Hyper Balls are the best).
Futago Shima #14: To get here, you need to use the swimming ability given to you by the guy in the Safari Zone (see Sekichiku City, #13). There are some guys to oppose while going there. When you get to the islands, the only thing there are two cave entrances, and only one is accessible, the other is the exit that leads to a trail that goes to Guren Town (#15). Bring some Hyper Balls and Super Balls along because 95% of the monsters you face are new. You can get Hyper and Super Balls in Sekichiku City (#13). To my knowledge, there are no items or people to challenge in the cave.
Guren Town #15: Location of Gym #7. There is also a building there that has many assorted items scattered around in there, with many guys to face, and also many Pokemon not available before, like Doguusu. After beating this gym, go back to Tokiwa City (#2) and beat Gym #8. Guess who the boss is. Hint:You've faced him two times before.
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