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Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi's North American Tour:

.............East Coast Dates ........................................

JUNE 11th : Vancouver at 7:30 pm at the Massey Theatre, 735 Eighth Avenue, New Westminster. Information call (604)597-8440.
JUNE 16th : New York City At 7pm in the Town Hall, 123 W. 43rd St. (between Broadway and 6th Avenue)
Information call: (212)269-YOGA

JUNE 19th : Washington D.C. Details to follow
JUNE 25th : Toronto At 7:30 pm at Convocation Hall (University of Toronto) Information call: (905) 567-9825. Free Admission.

Nobel Peace Prize nominee and founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi will be at theUniversity of Toronto's Convocation Hall on Sunday June 25th at 7:30 PM.. Admission is Free.

In these days of Kali Yuga when human values are breaking down, Sahaja Yoga is the only way by which there can be transformation as promised in all the scriptures. Shri Mataji has utilized her power of Kundalini Power for millions of people all over the world. Her method of Sahaja Yoga is working in 86 countries where people have been completed transformed and are enjoying the heavenly peace and bliss of spirituality.

This is the end of our seeking to know truth and reality."
Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

Sahaja Yoga brings forth a complete integration of all the religions as described by Mahatma Gandhi, and actually ends the struggle of Fundamentalism, Racialism, Power and Poverty.

Your inner power of energy integrates and cures Physical, Mental, and Emotional being within you as told by all the Saints and Sufis, that our spirit has to be sought within and not outside. We have been waiting for this enlightment and the crucial time has come to get the blessings.

Shri Mataji's discovery brings genuine hope to humanity"
    Claus Nobel Chairman of the United Earth Organization Claus Nobel's Speech

Shri Mataji has been twice nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, has been honored by the US Congress and the United Nations, and has received numerous honors and awards in recognition of her contibution to the peace, health, and well being of humankind in over 80 nations. Her message is one in which integrates the essences of all faiths in the experience of the human spirit through the practice of a simple, natural form of meditation. She emphasizes the integrated nature of all the aspects of the human being, including the relationships between physical, mental, and spiritual health.

The influence of Sahaja Yoga meditation on physical health was the subject of a government-sponsored symposium at the National Institute of Health last fall, at which the NIH official hosting the event praised Sahaja Yoga as "effective complimentary medicine". The NIH is currently studying Sahaja Yoga as a treatment for a select group of patients in its own hospital.

Shri Mataji is known as a dynamic and powerful speaker, whose insights into the problems of humanity are deep and revealing. Her tremdous concern for the well being of people everywhere has modivated her to work and for which she never accepts payment of any kind, to share her unique solution to the sufferings of the human race with people of every culture and background.

In addition to founding Sahaja Yoga meditation, Shri Mataji has distinguished herself as a humanitarian through the creation of a number of organizations, including:

  • An international Cancer Research Center in Bombay, India.
  • A hospital, also in Bombay, dedicated to alleviating physical ailments through the use of Sahaja Yoga techniques.
  • An international academy of the arts in Nagpur, India.
  • A charitable organization in New Delhi provides shelter to destitute and homeless people.
  • A school to create youth with idealism and with honesty of purpose of life.

As one of the most facinating personalities of our times, Shri Mataji has drawn thousands to her lectures in previous years. With the recent North American release of her book, Meta Modern Era it is expected that her appearances will draw a great deal of attention. Please join us.

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