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This is the history of the Mongol Horde
Last of the Aelim 
Dragon Warrior caste.





The Aelim were the first to live in this universe, their civilisation was already old when the ancestors of homo sapiens left the ocean  the first time.
Since the Aelim had a terrifying appearance (for other races) they genetically altered their bodies in such a way that they could change into any shape possible in seconds, whenever they had contact with other species, they changed into a innocent looking shape.

The Aelim dedicated themselves to educating the new civilizations they  encountered on their space travels.
Their latest target was Homo Sapiens, also called Human, a rather fragile looking two-footer, living on a small planet in the outback of the Milky-Way.

Due to their almost immortality there was never a need to reproduce for the Aelim, at the moment this story starts there were only 15 Aelim able to travel in space, most of the others decided to leave their bodies completely and scout the universe as bodiless ghosts.
During the history of Humanity many Aelim were also killed by human.
The stories about Dragons roaming Earth encouraged Human to hunt them down,  "if you can't control it, kill it"  was their motto>

Since the Aelim tribe  responsible for Earth development was from the Dragon Warrior class they looked more like monsters to humans as their brothers:
About 30 ft long, tail, big fangs, sometimes Horns, Spikes along the back, and long claws, this all covered with a colorful skin of scales.
The fire-spitting was optional for the Warrior class and mostly caused by the alien food they sometimes had to eat.
One of the most famous Dragon slayers was someone called George, he was declared Holy after killing one of the Dragons who was changed back to his normal shape of a dragon during a hunting event.

Since that event it was mandatory to dress up like a human on Earth.
Human started to forget the 'Dragons' and they degraded to fairytale figures.
Even the dragon skins, once salvaged from killed dragons and used as festival item in Certain parts of the planet, one by one disappeared and were exchanged by paper imitations.
But still,  they were there, being shape-shifters they could live on any planet and between all kinds of populations.

Human developed very fast, before the Aelim realized they lost control over the universe to their students.
One day the Horde found out that human had become adult, and was ready to enter space, this is the moment when all cultures have to say goodbye to their initial teachers and have to move on to a higher class, the Ghostly Aelim.
All leaders of Human were conditioned to contain a fragment of an Aelim ghost, this way they were guided during their childhood towards their destiny, the differences in character of  the various Aelim caused the different points of view of the space Guilds in which human split up.

Several thousands of years went by,  the Dark forces of Morgoth emerged from the depths of the abyss, got beaten, and came back.

The Mongol Horde had no new assignments since the last Humans left Earth, after a while they left the planet and returned to their homeworld, a dark planet on the end of the universe, their sun had almost finished her lifecycle and was nothing more as a bright star, seen from the planet surface.
To keep them happy, the government had provided the Horde with all they could possibly need, a house, servants, firepool in the back garden, everything.
But still there was the urge of the caste to explore the universe, help those in need and develop them to an acceptable level.


They managed to create a guild, named after their regiment, after many adventures they joined a large alliance of guilds for Mutual defense.
A war broke out, alliances were ended, new were made, points of view changed, threats were made, inter space tension was building up.

Nobody knew what was going to happen in the near future.

Just to keep contact the leadership of the Horde went to the capital of another alliance to restore connections.