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Lornas Page

I can not give them to you in person, so I send you a picture, with love, Rob

Well, she is ready to show herself to the world.
Beware world!! Lorna's here!!!! and she is here to stay.
I hope.
Watch this Lady, Guys, she will amaze you, someday...
A woman that can paint with words,
She is able to write things in a way that looks like you were there yourself
Just close your eyes and see it in front of you....
But, then you wouldn't be able to read, would you?
So, keep your eyes and mind open!...

New Zealand, Been There! Done That! Loved It!!

Hi guys!!
I've been to New Zealand and met Lorna, stayed there for two weeks and hated the day I had to leave and go back home
Way back, on the east coast of the Coromandel Peninsula she lives,
On the other side of a spectacular scenery of Jungles, metal Roads, Mountains, Old Volcanos and empty Beaches.
We toured the Northern Island of NZ for a few days, played the tourist, bought souvenirs,
you know, the usual tourist things.
And then.......... I had to leave :-(
There are so many things to see, so many things to do, so little time....
But, I will be back one day, and not in the winter like this year,
but around Christmas,
when it is warm and sunny, instead of cold and rainy like this holiday,
and I probably won't be alone..., but more about that later,
maybe I will take my own Sun with me..
Lorna promised to write about the holiday on her pages, be sure to visit them,
her word paintings are incredible, and very close to the real thing, and I know, I was there!!!!
she already finished paintings about the Waitomo Caves (better known as the Glowworm Caves)
and the Golden Crown Goldmine in Thames.

Lorna's Home Page
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