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I always said to myself: "Rob, don't do what every beginning homepage designer does: make a picture book on your pages, nobody likes looking at picures of you at your Birthday, at work or with your  wife and kids, well, that's not so difficult, I do not have scanned pictures of  me on my birthday
and I do not have a wife or kids!! But unfortunately (for you) I do have some from my working place and from someone elses Birthdayparty,
so here they are,    But, since I do not have many scanned pictures, I will restrict myself to the five on this page, maybe, in the future I will place more of them, or different ones, or whatever.

damme2.JPG (46874 bytes)              damme.jpg (51504 bytes)
(two pics of me at my work)

Mvc-008f.jpg (50523 bytes)               mvc016fb.jpg (42780 bytes)
(These pics were taken at the birthday party of a colleague)

It's me!!

My webcam, see if I am online