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Sad,  very sad.

That was his impression when he looked at the people on the Central Planet of the @lliance.
It was his first visit tot he Capital since the war ended, due to political reasons his regular visits to the @ Capital had been cancelled for some time.

In respect to the mourners he did not enter the grand square where the Guildhalls were, that was for the @ people only.

The ßrotherhood, his own alliance, had decided to stay neutral in this conflict, for traders it was never good to take sides in a war, whatever you choose, you get hit by the others,
His ßrothers had their own wars to be busy with.
He preferred to keep his own opinion to himself.


He looked down on the square and saw a fragile looking white-winged figure leave the Great Hall, did he imagine it or did she look even smaller as before?
No, Jana was just not walking so upright as she used to in the old times.
When he met her the first time, together with his wife Aeon, she was such a proud and strong woman, now she looked like a heavy load was on her shoulders.
The load of millions, floating in space, frying in the ovens or working in the dark mines of Mordor.
Or, if they were lucky, dead.

  He shivered when he thought of some good friends of him who suddenly changed to Balrogs and even a Nazgul after they came in contact with other Mordor Creatures.
Shivered when he imagined that these scary creatures were now guarding those undead souls, somewhere on a dark planet, similar to the one he came from himself, but then owned by Morgoth instead of Mongo, God of the Horde.


Next to him he heard a scream and a sound of a big animal ripping its claws through cloth and flesh, accompanied with terrified screams..
“Aeon! Stop that!” “We don’t have the time to play around with the locals” he whispered angrily to the good looking Tiger Striped Dragon next to him, the Reptile looked irritated at him, opened the mouth and dropped the pickpocket on the ground.

While the little thief picked up his arm and ran away, the Dragon changed back to a pretty woman with, for the spectators with familiarity to old Earth races, South East Asian looks, “but he tried to steal my wallet” was her answer.
-“Can be, but you have to control yourself a bit more, you know how people react when you start eating them for every little thing”,
“Next time just call a policeman and he will deal with him”.
-“He will eat him? That is not fair!”
-“NO!   DEAL with him, not EAT him! You can’t just eat people you don’t like, well, at least not as long as we are here”.
-“So when we are back home I can?”
-“Only bad people, and you have to leave the servants alone, they are hard to get since you ate the housekeeper”.
-“She should not have dropped my coffee on the floor”
-“Even clones can make mistakes you know”
-“Yeah, Yeah, boring, they also scream very loud”.
-“Next time, start with the head, if you take off the head first they wont scream”
-“Oh, so that was it! I knew there was something to make them stop”

  He did not like it when she spoke like this, it remembered him of the last time he got angry, he did not particularly like his natural shape, it was not very convenient in the spaceships made for humans, he always had problems with his tail and the extra two sets of feet when he was in the narrow control cabin of his command ship and got angry.
It took him sometimes 10 minutes to maneuver himself with the pilots seat into the hall, and another 30 to fix the chair back on its place.

Unlike his wife, nature did not provide him with a smooth brown/black striped body but with a green, almost dull pattern and some red accents on the spikes along his back, especially those spikes were bad for the furniture in a spaceship.
This was the main reason why he almost never lost control over his emotions.

  His people managed to maintain the human shape for a long time already, only when someone loses his temper he loses shape control with it.


  He called his ßrother Misty:   ‘Where are you?’
-“Zoo, reptile house, my mother-in-law is here, Maniac wanted to feed her chicken”
-“Get your butt and Maniac over here, plenty of time for that later, she has been there since you got married, and she can’t leave until we convinced the guards she is family.”
“Besides, I think she attracts too many tourists to let her go, not every Zoo in the universe has a 30 foot fire-spitting dragon”, “First we have to go to Jana to make her talk to us again, and please try to look as human as possible, especially those red flaming eyes you got, cover them a bit will you?

-“What happened to the times that we could freely walk on the street while people were throwing firecrackers to celebrate our festivals?”
-“I think we were pushed on the street then, sometimes they just carried our heads and skin around on sticks in old Earth China towns, and they were throwing firecrackers to scare us away, but if you want to see it another way, that is up to you”
-“This saint George guy made us look bad to the community, after he killed uncle Joe nobody ever dared to show his real face on Earth again”.
-*Grins*“ Yeah, they still think he killed the last of us!” “Lets keep it that way, we got trouble enough without those wannabe dragon slayers hunting us”.
“Heh, good they do not know how many of us still are between them…”
“But we are not here to talk about the good old times”

-“Did you really have to take Aeon along? She likes to play with fire a bit too much in my opinion”, “Her short fused temper is also not very helpful, don’t want her to fry Jana”.
-“Well, She and Jana were friends, she is my wife, and we went here on our honeymoon, could not leave her at home, besides, she might eat the servants again if I am not there to keep her under control”.
-“hmm, right, How did you solve the problem with the servants when she ate the Housekeeper?”
-“Not, we sent them on a holiday to Moria, the last thing I heard from them was that they were going to the local Orc restaurant for dinner.”
-“Have been there once, they don’t serve Orc anymore there, pity, they taste ok, after you burn off the skin they are quite digestible, I heard they use them to clean up the mines now”
-“Yuk, you never know what they have to eat there, I do not think I will ever go and have one anymore.”
-“What did your servants eat there then?”
-*Laughing* “Who said they were going to eat there?”

  After Misty and Maniac returned from the Zoo, the four of them walked slowly to the @lliance Guildhall to pay their respect to the fallen soldiers and to talk to Jana to re-establish relations between the guilds.

  The talks ended in an acceptation of references by Jana, because of some issues with old friends of @ who are now not friends anymore she demanded that the names of the leaders of these guilds would never be mentioned in conversations with her, this was formerly accepted by the Leader of the MongoL Horde.




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