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What are my interests?
Here's a list of the most important ones


  • Computers,  I currently work as a Field Support Engineer at the Pc department of  ICL, this is the service organisation for, and a part of, the second largest IT  organisation in the world: FUJITSU, follow the links to find out more about them.
    The advantage of this job is that I can work all day on my hobby and get paid for it!
  • Internet,  Most of the time a part of the previous interest, but, looking at my phonebill, I think this
    interest is  growing every day.
  • Motorcycling, My life, since the last 20 years, do I have to say more? Live to ride, Ride to live! During working   
    hours I move around in a company car (sorry Die Hard Bikers, but, the Boss is the Boss!)
  • Photography,  Nothing special. I just like it.
  • Music, Allmost any kind of music has my interest, at this moment I have a collection of about 180 CD's from classic to House, and from The Stones to Celia Cruz.
  • Correspondance, I like to write to people all over the world, in Dutch, English and, if I really, really want to write to you: Spanish. My motherlanguage is Dutch. Write to or, (my forwarding mailbox). Look at my Who Am I page for more info.
  • Computer Adventure Games, The first one I played was "The Hobbit" on my Spectrum, the last one (up to today), Zork Nemesis (finished it) I think, the most easy adventure: Myst, I finished is two days, great graphics.
  • The Other Games, Carmageddon is my favourite, then, in sequence: Hexen, Heretic, Doom (I+II) etc. I did not buy Quake yet (Sorry Mercy55).

Well that's it folks, more interests follow whenever I feel for it, or on request.