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What do you mean: Blue?
Maybe I just like a Blue Background!

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When I started this site I was thinking about what it would look like, I created the pages you visited on my site (Well, did you, did you?) and found them a little bit DULL, the pages created by Frontpage pages are good, but at Angelfire you could not use Frontpage extensions in those days,
(you still can't, as a matter of fact),
so, I started adapting them to my needs without using the webbots and other fun stuff.

The background was easy, a Black background with Yellow text,
something like this text, with high contrast,
everyone can read that without any problem.

I dropped some stars in the background and finished was the site,
at least, 
I thought it was.

En then, there came a friendly woman visitor from the other side of the world,
who pointed out to me that not all the visitors have a perfect eyesight (they haven't?) and might encounter some problems with the still default Hyperlink colours,
and in particular the dark-purple visited-link colour was hard to read.
So, You just left me with a hardly readable site huh?
Well okay, I suppose you were of good will..... and probably thought that another visitor would mention it....
Well....... he didn't!

Today all of this came to an end,
I changed the Hyperlink colors to something even mr Magoo can read as long as he uses BIG fonts
(nothing personal)
This is a Hyperlink example line (no you can't click on it)
Hyperlink, visited and active link on the Pages with a BLACK   Background, NOT on this page!!

And, on a special request (Don't thank me, you're welcome Lorna), I made two (yes 2) pages with a different background,

you are looking at one of them right now,
what about the text colour Lorna?
Does it look better this way?
This is the closest I came to the colour you requested (it might need some more red).
You visitors, if you have any HTML Code that can make the text Aubergine (the outside, not the inside), tell me.

I could. of course, reverse the colours, but that would be a little bit too much.


I am open to any suggestion about the layout, at the end I will do it my way (somebody should make song out of that), but..... I will listen to you.
If you have any other idea about what I can do to make you happy, tell me.
BUT, Lets keep it nice, I WONT stop editing these pages, and,
Unless you live (in distance), or are (in my feelings), very close to me, I will not make house-calls outside the country ;-P

Rob van Damme.
Copyright 1999 [rvd]. All rights reserved.
Revised: 05.28.1999 20:55.

Man! I did not edit this page since ages!! ok, ok, I promise to do someting about it, some day