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Welcome to this Virtual Birthcard of Patrick Jindavit-van Damme


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Wait for the picture to download, it is worth waiting for....
(c)reated by:

days passed since Patrick was born and
about diapers were changed since that day
And yes Patrick still uses Diapers, unfortunately he is mentally handicapped

Since Beam and I have met on the Internet we decided to design a Birthcard in that style,
uhh.. well,
we made a (bad) sketch and a description and our good friend
(from Sweden),
designed the most beautiful and original card you can imagine.

We hope you can see our happiness and love for our son in it.

If You are interested in a picture:

Meet Patrick 27-08-2000, 4670gr, 55cmPatrick and usPatrick again
Meet:  Patrick

Hey! What is this? what are you doing?hm, looks like a camera, I'll better comb my hair31-12-00

Pictures taken on new years eve 2000
patrick is now 4 months old

Hello? Who are you?In my first snowIn Town

3 years old nowAlmost 4 yr old here, and I still make the photographer look like a fool when he tries to make me look into the camera

Mail to Patrick's Parents


Hey you guys
About 600 people visited this page since Patrick was born, but only 40 signed the guestbook,
what is this little boy going to think about the Websurfers of this first years of his life?
Only a few nice people who were so friendly to add some words to the guestbook, the rest just looked and went away,
never to return again....
Please be so kind to add an entry to Pats guestbook as your welcome wish to the world
Greetings from Beam, Rob and Patrick

View Patricks Guestbook
Sign Patricks Guestbook

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thanks Pär, you are a great friend