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Greetings! Welcome to the small section in the large wolrd of Road Rovers we like to call The Region of Rover Reserves. We are the last squad the Rovers call when there is trouble, or when a high-ranking Rover is injured and one of us must replace him/her. My name is Tundra and I am privilaged to be called the leader around here in our base located under Central Park, NY. Go take a look around and if you need anything, don't hesitate to ask! There will always be MORE updates to come! Be afraid. Be very afraid...

I'm a Member of the Cult of Cummings: Care to Join the Obsession?


RoRR Profiles Get to know the Reserves. Although, you may regret you did.
Zudnik's Doghouse Come pay a visit to Al's adopted pooch. I'll give ya a treat if you do!
Big Al The one and only! Come see how truly messed-up her mind is.
The CaNinjas These are Dianne's AKA: Dawn's lil creations, but they're staying with us. Hello, neighbors!!
Art Page Just what it says: ART. I'm also in charge there, so I guess i'll meet you inside!
The Attic And what do you find in an attic? JUNK! Heh...kidding, kidding! This is where we put all the things that just don't fit anywhere else.
Rover Links to other great pages. Careful sneaking out, though. If one of the Reserves catches you they'll go
Thank You! The Reserves would like to thank some very special people.

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Disclaimer: The Road Rovers are copyright Warner Brothers. I am in no way making money off of this site, because no one in their right mind would want to pay me. Tundra, Alley and all related to the Reserves ARE copyrighted to me, though, and that means if ya take the idea or any image and put them on your site without telling me or giving me credit i have the right to get mad and let you know it! Okay, i luv ya, buh-bye!