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Rev. Gloria Brydges



As a little girl, she would see colors around people (auras). As she grew older she would hear voice and see spirits.

A psychic and clairvoyant medium from five generations of gifted healers, she provides accurate information in her consultations whether in person, on the phone, or photos. Her gifts are recognized in U.S. and Canada.

Was ordained in Chesterfield, Indiana, by the Indiana Association of Spiritualists.

As an ordained Minister she has serviced in Lily Dale, New York, Chesterfield Indiana, Hamilton Spiritualist Church, Britain Memorial Church, Ottawa Spiritualist Church and is traveling to places as far away as Hawaii and England.

She is the founder of "The Gathering" which is a spiritual group that teaches spiritual growth and spiritaul development. She also was the founder of K.I.N.D. (kids in need of direction).

She has traveled, lectured and given consultations. She is presantly working with her psychic art and color healing work.

With all of this she is also a mother of two children and has enjoyed watching them grow into mature young adults.

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