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The Tack Room

The Tack of Champions

Tack - that is, the saddles, bridles, and all other equipment that horses wear - has been a part of man's relationship with the horse from the beginning. From the beginning, GCs came with tack that was as realistically designed as they were. At first, only stallions came dressed, but that changed quickly in the mid 90's. Now each horse come with a great array of saddles and bridles, and new styles are being added all the time!

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The Bridle � Then and Now

The bridle of the First Grand Champions differed slightly from the ones on the horses today. They lacked the band that lays across the horse's forehead. There were both English and Western bridles made in the early style; here are some examples:

Old English bridle, left;
New English bridle, right.
Old Western bridle, left;
New Western bridle, right.

The Western Bridles also differed in the intricate design on the sides of the bit. The first is the old style, the second is new. (note too, that the chain is not part of the original bridle; it just looks neat :)

Many new wonderful saddle/bridle sets have been issued with the Fancy Parade Horse (see Delux Horses fo pics). They have also been used on the '01 set of horses, so I guess there will be more to add.

As you can see, this page needs A LOT of work. With luck, I will try to get pictures of each different saddle up soon! But in the meantime....

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