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Grand Champions - ID that Modle

It's bound to happen sometime; you find a lovely GC horse at the second hand shop, and have no idea who the handsome horse is! How do you go about finding out, if you don't know when he was made? This section is designed to help you do just that. Hopefully, by looking through these pages, you will be able to identify any GC horse you find!

The best attempt has been made to discribe each horse using common terms. If you are unsure what "bay" or "roan" might mean, or just want to know more about horses in general (did you know there is no such things as a "brown" horse?) click here to read:

"All Dun In - a crash course in Equine Coat Colour, GC Style!"

And now, onto the horses! Begin by deciding if you have a Stallion, Mare, or foal (trouble knowing if you have a mare or a stallion? well, as they do on the farm - *G* - take a peek at the underside of the horse. If there's a bulge, it's a boy :) Choose one:

The Mares
The Stallions
The Foals

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