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Grand Champions
~ Micro Mini Playsets! ~

Early Micro Mini Sets

The first Micro Mini Playsets actually appeared in the mid '90s. They weren't quite as small in the beginning, and the horses they featured are now used for the "foals" in the Mini Grand Champions' Family Sets.

A variety of sets were released, featuring all sorts of fun vignettes! These "compacts" could close up, and you could take your Micro Mini horses everywhere!. The horses in the picture are actually not the horses from the sets... they looks suspiciously like Stablemates to me... ;)

Later Micro Mini Sets

These later Playsets were HUGE! But the size of the horse was the size of the Micro Horses we have today. Each set came with an entire world for your horse to play in and explore, with themes like "The Fair" and the "The Ranch".

They have been readily available for the last few years. They are also notorious for having small children remove the horse while still in the store!

Micro Mini Farm & Stable

For the Micro Mini fanatics who have been writing me in droves and all wanting to know the next big thing, well here it is! These are two great sets with lots of accessories - each comes with five horses and a handler, a barn, and all the accessories you might need to go with it.

Both sets are exclusive to Canada, the first is a Equestrian Stable complete with jumps and roses. The and the second is simply the farmyard ~ I love the barn yard set - it even comes with kitties!

If anyone has more info or pictures they would like to add, please email me!

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