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Grand Champions
Fancy Parade!

Fancy Parade Horses are truly beautiful horse who come with two complete sets of highly detailed tack. To complete each outfit, they even have two sets of... ah... "hair pieces"... their mane and tails are removable!

I must admit, when I first saw them, that completely threw me. What a weird idea! A horse who's mane and tail came out? It was Karen who finally sold me on the idea when she sent me the beautiful Goldenbloom... When I saw how pretty she was in person, I regretted never getting more! So I remedied that the very next day - I zipped out to the store, and came home with "Poetry in Motion". And she is just lovely, too. *G* See what you started, Karen?! And thank you for the pictures :)

The Horses 2000

This is the first set, featuring a Friesian, "Duchess", a Lippizaner, "Carousel", and a grey Arabian mare "Acapella" The Friesian changes into different harness rigs, the Lippizaner from sports eventing to a medieval garb, and the Arabian from traditional arab costume to a Western pleasure set.

The Horses 2001

The second set, just like the first, featured three horses, same poses, same tack, but wonderful new colours! The Hackney, "Top Hat", come in harness, the Holstiener, "Poetry in Motion", is ready for the parade, and "Goldenbloom" the Quarab comes ready for the wild west or the deserts of the middle east!

It is curious to note, that while the poses used are mostly Stallion Poses, "Duchess" and "Poetry in Motion" are both mares. In fact, Poetry is a very gender-confused little horse... the front of her bio card declares her a "Holstiener Stallion", while her story on the back refers to her consistently as, well, "her".

Hmm, methinks they need an editor, or at least one member of the staff who know the difference between a Stallion and a Mare.... ;)

The Horses 2002

Here are the long awaited 2002 set, which seems to only have been released in Canada so far, and in very limmited quantities. I have heard from one source that the bay is called "Northern Star", but I can't be certain. I am still unsure of thier names, so if you know them, please give me a shout!

The Horses 2003

Ta-da! I thought I'd be ahead of the game, and post the 2003 set now and save me the trouble of doing it when they actually arrive (wich is rumoured to be next September... we'll see) All I can tell you are thier breeds - from left to right, the Swedish Warmblood Stallion, Paint, and Saddlebred Mares. Wow, gotta love that Paint! And the nifty thing about this set, if they turn out to be at all like thier pictures (which is highly debatable) it looks as though they'll come with two different colours of hair. Is that neat or what? I can't wait untill they get here.

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