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Grand Champion Creations

"Spirit's Song", by Neena Bickram, 2002

Hello and welcome to Grand Champion Creations, a special place in our community to showcase the many talented artists we have among us!

This is a Gallery dedicated to custom pieces; that is, any Grand Champion horse that has been re-painted & re-done to create an entirely new piece. These can be realistic portrayals of familiar horses, or they can be fantastical equines from the reaches of the imagination! Anything goes, and all artists are welcomed!

There are two ways you can view the colourful horses in these galleries. You can either click on the horse's name directly (use the "back" button on your browser to return to the gallery) or you can see them in the chronological order of when they were painted. To do that, simply click on "Spirit's Song" - she's the first in the list! - then click "Go to the Next Horse" at the bottom of each page after that. Enjoy the tour!

~ Customs by Whimsy Stables ~


Spirit's Song , Bold Impressions , Deago , Rahne & Dante , Windtalker

Dapples: Not just for Greys

Aurora , Ana's Reba , Bint Al-Hawa , Silver Charm , Prelude , Strictly Ballroom , Nahara , Shade , Snow Dapples , Achilles

Roans, Duns & Unusual Colours

Cerys' Tigger , The Fjords , Wandering Spirit , Rasraina , Ardennais , Summer Sage , Brindle Mare

Paints & Pintos

Titan's Jewel , Dover , Black Ice , Sacred Medicine , Second Chance , Medicine Cap Horses , Shadow , Fire Hawk , Tigerlily , New Moon & Small Magic , Ebony , On Broadway , Rain , Mosaic , Voice of Fire , Fade to Grey , Warrior , Enya , Ultra

Bays & Black

Inconspicuous Bey , Belladonna , Mare Imbrium

Chestnuts & Palomino

Fool's Gold , Thowra, the Silver Brumby , Golden, Santana Lass

Fantastical Horses

Amadeus , Dawn of Tyme , Odilon , Lavender , Lunar Eclipse , Battlehawk , Promise , Scarlet Magnolia , Alidor

Foal Colours

Midnight Silver , The Foal Nursery , Sweet Hereafter, Little One , Pippin

Customs By Other People:

The Grand Champion Custom Gallery (Part 2)
To add your horses to this gallery, email Danielle! Please post subject as "Custom Horses".

DO YOU have a gallery of customs horses on your website? Want to have that gallery linked here? Email me and I'll post the link!

Check back soon for more horses!

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