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GC - Names by Year

Thanks to everyone who helped with this text list! You can print out this checklist from most computers, or save it as a word document.

First Horses - around '88 No names, breed, or bio cards; no "GC" brand on hip Families sold together, or stallions and foals seperatly. All horses look alike. Occasionally, stallions have "sound" buttons.

  • Stallions: sold with tack; occasionally riders.
    • Sorrel Stallion - english
    • Silky White Stallion - english
    • Black Stallion - english
    • Palomino Stallion- western
    • Pinto Stallion - western
    • Blanket Appaloosa Stallion - western
  • Mares: sold in family sets or with foals. Also seen in Stable Sets.
    • Sorrel Mare
    • Silky White Mare
    • Black Mare
    • Palomino Mare
    • Pinto Mare
    • Blanket Appaloosa Mare
  • Foals: sold in family sets, or seperately. They have long manes/tail.
    • Sorrel Foal
    • Silky Foal
    • Black Foal
    • Palomino Faol
    • Pinto Foal
    • Blanket Appaloosa Foal

  • Stallions '94 - sold seperately with tack
    • Sorrel Quarterhorse Stallion - Big Red Brown Western Saddle & Bridle Bio Card
    • Thoroughbred Stallion - Gray Ghost Black English Saddle & Bridle, Bio Card
    • Bay Morgan Stallion - Hot Fudge Black English Saddle & Bridle, Bio Card
    • Tennessee Walker Stallion - Majesty Black English Saddle & Bridle, Bio Card
    • Pinto Stallion - Indian Chief Brown Western Saddle & Bridle, Bio Card
    • Arabian-Quarter Horse - Silver Streak Brown Western Saddle & Bridle Bio Card
    • Mustang Stallion - Phantom Brown Western Saddle & Bridle Bio Card
    • Silver Appaloosa Stallion - Spot O' Silver Black English Saddle & Bridle, Bio Card
  • Mare '94 - sold with foals, biocards, no tack
    • Sorrel Quarterhorse Mare - Copper Penny
    • Thoroughbred Mare - Windsong
    • Bay Morgan - Princess Bay
    • Tennessee Walker Mare - Foxy Lady
    • Bay Pinto Mare - Meadowsweet (also, Meadowsong)
    • Arabian-Quarter Horse Mare - Moon Maiden
    • Mustang Mare - Wild Honey
    • Silver Appaloosa - Snow Queen
  • Foals: sold with the mare
    • Sorrel Quarterhorse - Rusty
    • Thoroughbred Foal - Misty
    • Bay Morgan Foal - Born Lucky
    • Tennessee Walker Foal - Cinnamon
    • Bay Pinto Foal - Nickers
    • Arabian-Quarter Horse Foal - Mischief
    • Mustang Foal - Maple Suger
    • Silver Appaloosa - Shadow
Some horses were also sold in "Family Sets", and did not come with tack or biocards. This was true of the Mustang, Sorrel Quarterhorse, and Silver Appaloosa Families.

Horses from 1995

  • Stallions '95
    • Thoroughbred - Stormy Skies Black English Saddle & Bridle, Bio Card
    • Thoroughbred Stallion - Foxcroft Black English Saddle & Bridle, Bio Card
    • Missouri Fox Trotter Stallion - Dancer Black English Saddle & Bridle, Bio Card
    • Blanket Appaloosa - Indian Summer Brown Western Saddle & Bridle, Bio Card
    • Bay Roan Warmblood Stallion - Victory Black English Saddle & Bridle
    • Black Morgan Stallion - Spark of Courage Black Western Saddle & Bridle, Bio Card
    • Black Thouroughbred Stallion - Black Beauty Black English Saddle & Bridle, Bio Card
    • Chestnut Quarterhorse Stallion - Thunderstorm Brown Western Saddle & Bridle, Bio Card
  • Mares '95 - sold seperately, or with foals, bio cards, no tack
      The Mares had different named, depending on whether they were sold alone or with a foal, but it's still the same horse. The first name is from the foals' set.
    • Missouri Fox Trotter Mare - Dixie Doll, Missouri Belle
    • Appaloosa Mare - Starlette, Spring Running
    • Warmblood Mare - China Doll, Suger & Spice
    • Thoroughbred Mare - Powerful Magic, Grey Willow
    • Flea-bitten Thoroughbred Mare - Irish Lace, Wild Alice
    • Black Morgan Mare - Velvet Twilight, Stepping Out
  • Foals '95 - sold with mare, or sperately with blankets, nameplates
    • Missouri Fox Trotter Foal - Dixie Fantasy
    • Appaloosa Foal - Starfinder
    • Warmblood Foal - Lil' Doll
    • Thoroughbred Faol - Abracadabra
    • Flea-bitten Thoroughbred Foal - Lucky
    • Black Morgan Foal - Shadow

More Horse Sets '95

  • Bay Thoroughbred Family
      They were sold together, stallion with tack, & biocards.
    • Stallion - Hunter's Run
    • Mare - Sweet Vidalia
    • Foal - Miss Daisy
  • Velvet Families
      Velvets have soft "fur" coats; only mares and foals were made. Biocards, no tack.
    • Arabian Mare - Gypsy
    • Arabian Foal - unnamed
    • Thoroughbred Mare - Windsong
    • Thoroughbred Foal - Misty
    • Mustang Mare - Wild Honey
    • Mustang Foal - Maple Suger
  • Talking Horses
      These horses have buttons on thier back, that when pressed, emit galloping & whinney sounds.
    • Sorrel Quarterhorse Stallion - Big Red (classic)
    • Sorrel Quarterhorse Stallion - Big Red (running)
    • Silver Appaloosa Stallion - Spot O' Silver (classic)
    • Silver Appaloosa Stallion - Spot O' Silver (running)
    • Spanish Warmblood Stallion - Noble Tango
    • Pinto Quarterhorse - Titan's Jet
  • Horse and Rider Sets
      These horses came with riders, tack & accessories.
    • Quarterhorse Stallion - Gold Dust Brown Western Saddle & Bridle, Bio Card Western Rider, barrels, rope, grooming kit
    • Arabian Stallion - Midnight Black English Saddle & Bridle, Bio Card English Rider, jump, ribbon, grooming kit
    • Palomino Stallion - Maverick Brown Western Saddle, Bridle, Bio Card Cowboy, frontier accessories NOTE: This is a Sound Stallion
    • Pinto Stallion - Scout Black bride, tan blanket, bio card Native American rider, teepee, accessories NOTE: This is a Sound Stallion
    • Arabian Stallion - Sultan Gold English Saddle, green parade costume Some sets included Arabian rider
    • Lippizaner Stallion - Snowflake Pink side sadle, pink parade costume Some sets included a Circus Rider
    • Palomino Stallion - Goldenbolt (also, Golden Glory) White Western sadle, silver parade costume Some sets included a Western Rider

    Horses for 1996 Stallions '96

      All horses came with tack and Bio cards.
    • Arabian Stallion - Sultan Pepper Brown English tack
    • Cleveland Bay - Majesty Black English tack
    • Plantation Walker - Copper Traveler III Brown English tack
    • Quarter Horse - Midnight Magic Brown Western Tack
    • Palomino Saddlebred - Sundancer Brown Western Tack
    • American Saddlebred Stallion - Snowmane Brown Western Tack
  • Mares '96
      Mare were sold with or without foals. On thier own, they were sold with or without tack. All had Bio cards.
    • Arabian Mare: "Sweet Silver"
    • Cleveland Bay Mare: "Princess"
    • Plantation Walker Mare: "Dixie Lady"
    • Quarter Horse Mare: "Lady Blackstar"
    • Palomino Saddlebred Mare: "Golden Glory"
    • American Saddlebred Mare: "Playful Lass" (classic)
    • American Saddlebred Mare: "Playful Lass" (trotting)
  • Foals '96:
      Foals were sold seperately or with thier dams.
    • Arabian Colt: "Silver Sultan"
    • Cleveland Bay Colt: "Rowdy Royal"
    • Plantation Walker Colt: "Jazz Baby"
    • Quarter Horse Colt: "Midnightstar"
    • Palomino (Saddlebred) Colt: "Sunday Gold"
    • American Saddlebred Colt: "Playmate"

Other 1996 Sets

  • Family Sets '96 These horses were avaiable as a family, the stallion with tack. Orlove Trotter Family This family is grey, with a dark foal. The Stallion is in the "walking pose", the mare in the "trotting" pose, and the foal is running. Stallion Royal Rascal Mare Ballerina Foal Rapscallion Appaloosa Family This flashy classic-posed family has a lepord spotted stallion, light bay-roaned mare and foal. Stallion Renegade Mare Snow Patch Foal Papoose The Akhal-Teke Family This is a warm amber chestnut family, with stallion in the "saddlehorse" pose, trotting mare and running foal. Stallion Turkistan Mare Aladin's Lass Foal Turkish Gold

    Frederiskborg - "Hot Fudge" Warm brown with darker mane/tail French Trotter - "Romeo" Golden with white mane/tail Maremmana Mare - unkown Creme with white mane/tail Shagra-Arbian Mare - unknown Grey w white flecks, grey mane/tail Palomino - "Maverick" Came with Cowboy Rider Bay Pinto - unkown Came with Native American Rider Blanket Appaloosa - "Half Moon" Came with the Native American activity set

    Horse and Rider Sets: Quarter Horse Stallion ['95]- Lucky Chance ~ Black/White Tovero Black Western Saddle & Bridle, Bio Card Western Horse & Rider Trakhener Stallion ['95] - Tamino ~ bay Black English Saddle & Bridle, Bio Card English Horse & Rider

    Native American Horse Sets These sets were sold Mare & Foal, with Stallion seperately. The Mare and foals are in the classic poses, while the Stallion is in the "running" pose. The horses came with feathers in thier manes, plus decrotive war paint on thier bodies :) Grey Pinto This set is grey paint, with grey mane and tail Stallion - Flying wolf Mare - Prairie Flower Faol - Comes Running Bay Blanket Appaloosa This differs little from the from the regular released bay blanket. Stallion - Little Eagle Mare - Walks on Snow Foal - Little Bird Dark Bay Pinto This set also has little difference from the regular set of pintos Stallion - FireSky Mare - Foal -

    Stallions '97 Quarter Horse Stallion - Coronado Clydesdale Stallion - Drum Major Spanish Barb Stallion - Senior Speedy Akhal-Teke Stallion - Bronze Baron Trakehner Stallion - Perfect Match Tennessee Walker Stallion - Memphis Pride Mares '97 Clydesdale Mare - Molly Trakehner Mare - Over Easy Spanish Barb Mare - Sienna Silk Akhal-Teke Mare - Red Gold Quarter Horse Mare - Sugar Blaze Tennessee Walker Mare - Lady Trooper Foals '97 Clydesdale - Major Max Trakehner - Spanish Barb - Silken Speedy Akhal-Teke - Quarter Horse - Corondo Blaze Tennessee Walker -

    Stallions '98 Arabian Stallion: "Sultan Pepper" Clydesdale Stallion: "Canal King" Dutch Warmblood Stallion: "Escapade" Thoroughbred Stallion: "Tokyo Pride" Fox Trotter Stallion: "Outstretch" Morgan Stallion: "Tried and True" Mares '98 Arabian Mare: "Perseverance" Clydesdale Mare: "Medusa" Dutch Warmblood Mare: "Duchess" Thoroughbred Mare: "Mon Cheri" Fox Trotter Mare: "Slide Rule" Morgan Mare: "Smooth Ride" Foals?

    Stallions '99 Brumby - "Boomerang" Shire Stallion: "Timpani Drum" Tersk - "Rasputin" Selle Francis Stallion: "Waterloo" Hanoverian Stallion: "Ludwig" Crillo - "Bruello" Mares '99 Brumby: "Waltzing Matilda" Shire Mare: "Miss Maggie" Tersk Mare: "Nikita" Selle Francis Mare: "Bruchette" Hanoverian Mare: "Blithe Sprit" Crillo: "Maraschino" Foals?

    Stallions '00 Jutland - "Magistrate" Irish Hunter stallion - "Fitzpatrick" Mustang stallion - "Flaming Glory" National Show Horse - "Parachute" Quarter Horse stallion - "Liquid Gold", Holsteiner stallion - "Mardigras" Mares '00 Jutland - "Jubilee" Irish Hunter Mare - "Molly McBrae" National Show Horse Mare - "Melody" Mustang Mare - "Shadow Mist" Quarter Horse - "Butterscotch", Holsteiner Mare - "Vienna" Foals '00 Jutland - "Royal Jubilee" Irish Hunter - "Fitzbae" National Show Horse - "Harmony" Mustang "Shadow Glory" Quarter Horse - Goldilocks Holsteiner "Vienna Waltz"

    Stallions '01 Clydesdale: "Sir Triston" Paint: "Lucky's Lone Star" Thoroughbred: "Firestorm" Sorrel: "Sonic Boom" Lippizanner: "Senior Valador" Morab: "Chief Justice" Mares '01 Clydesdale: "Lovely Lass" Paint: "Dosie Doe" Thoroughbred: "Willow Wind" Sorrel: "Petal to the Metal" Lippizaner: "Princess Perdita" Morab: "Miss Congeniality". Foals? Clydesdale Families The Dapple Grey Family: "The Icing", "Aurora", and "Icicle" The Bright Bay Family: "Gentle Jim", "Lady Janice", and "Lady Jessica" The Dark Bay Family: "Mac's Pride", "Rhapsody's Song", and "Pride's Song"

    2002... coming soon!

    Mail Order Horses White Parade Horse - Captain Courageous Palomino Foal - unkown Derby Winner - Commotion Grey Arabian Mare - Kamira Andalusian unknown? Lippizaner - Skydancer Clydesdale twins - Sereneity & Tranquility Dapple Grey Clydesdale - Snowy Knight

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