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Grand Champions
~ In the Box ~

It's often interesting to see what different kinds of packaging GCs have used over the years. As advertising ideals change, so do the boxes! In the very beginning, Grand Champions began their life in a practical blue box with scenery. In the mid-nineties, the box changed to turquoise with the now recognizable logo plainly visible. In 2001, the boxes changed again to a rather girly mauve. Each change reflects the market the toy that is most likely to catch a child's eye is the one most likely to be bought!

Here are pictures of various GC's all boxed in :) Thank you to everyone who had helped find these pictures!

Here are some of the early stallions, still cozy in their window boxes. The first is "Dancer", the Missouri Fox Trotter, and the second is the Thoroughbred "Stormy Skies". They were available during the '95 release.

Make way for "Gold Dust" and his rider, all ready for a western round up! This set was also available in '94-95, along with the English Rider set. Oh, how long I stared at those two boxes in the store one birthday's eve, trying to decide which one to bring home...
Midnight won.

Here we have the first edition stable sets. Mmm, I remember those...

These mares are sold in a set of four as the "Classic Mares Collection". They appeare to be 1996's "Dixie Lady", "Sweet Silver", "Golden Glory", and the 1995 "Suger'n'Spice". A friend found them for me at a fleamarket in California, so I will let you know more about them when they arrive!

If you have more pictures of "boxed in" Grand Champions, and would like to post them here, please e-mail me!

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