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Grand Champion Horses 1994
Grand Champions 1993-'94

These are Grand Champions the way we know Grand Champions! For the first time, we have the now familiar blue box, the blue-ribbon points on the back, and of course - the "GC" symbol proudly displayed on thier rumps!

These horse, which might have made thier debut as early as '93, are probably some of the best remembered horses. That is because all the horses from this set were available in stores for a few years. First in '94 (or '93) and then again in '95, along side the new set. The only difference between the two releases is the way thier brand looks - the '94 horses have blocky letters with no circle, and the '95, like all Grand Champions since, have the letters cirlced in gold. Here's a example of two different Spot O' Silvers; the one on the top is the '94 release, and the one below is from '95.

Family Horses

Just like the Origonal Horses, you could purchase these Grand Champions in a variety of ways - as families, as a single stallions with tack, and as mare and foal sets. (You could also purchase the foals seperately in Canada).

The Sorrel Quarter Horse Family
Stalllion "Big Red", Mare "Copper Penny", Foal "Rusty"

The Silver Appaloosa Family
Stallion "Spot O' Silver", Mare "Snow Queen", foal "Shadow"

Naturally, horses that came in family sets did not have tack or accessories; some didn't even have name cards. Here are "Big Red" (right) and "Spot O' Silver" (left) as sold seperatly, with thier tack. These stallions were also released as Sound Stallions, too! (Note: it is common for Spot O' Silver to come with either light grey, or dark grey hair; I believe the older version had darker hair.)

The Stallions

Stallions from this year could be bought in family sets or on thier own, and when they were sold seperatly, the came with a wondefull assortment of tack! To see them in thier proper tack, check out the Group Photo for all the details.

From Left to Right, Mustang "Phantom", Anglo-Arabian "Silver Spirit", Tennesse Walker "Magesty", and Morgan "Hot Fudge". Pictures of Indian Chief & Grey Ghost coming soon - just need to bring them in from the pasture!

The Mare & Foal Sets

Here are the cute little duos! Rather then having a seperate bio card for the foal, thier story was worked into that of thier dam's; when sold seperately, foals only came with a name plate. It wasn't untill 1996 that foals came with thier own cards.

From let to right, they are: Pintos - "Meadowsweet & Nickers", Tenessee Walkers - "Foxy Lady & Cinnamon", and Grey Thoroughbred - "Windsong & Misty". Thanks to Nancy for the picture of these mares!

From let to right, they are - Bays: "Princess Bay & Born Lucky", Arabian-Quarter Horses: "Moon Maiden & Mischief", and Mustangs; "Wild Honey & Maple Suger". Thanks to Sara for the picture of these mares!

All of these horses were re-released the following year, which makes them amoung the most common horses found second hand (everyone must have at least three Spot O' Silvers, lol!) There were also some very special new editions, too - the Velvet Horses - mare and foal sets with soft velvety coats. Both the Grey and Bay Thoroughbreds were made a part of this adorable set!

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